Here's the most quirky and cool employee perks on offer in 2019

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

When it comes to employee perks, a ping pong table and a drinks fridge in the office just won't cut it nowadays. 

Companies are offering more and more wacky and wonderful perks in attempt to pull in top talent. Here's a selection that are on offer right now, and the companies you'll need to get a job with if you want to enjoy them. 




1. Private gigs 

No need to pay for concert tickets when you can enjoy live music from the comfort of your office chair. Buzzfeed reportedly get top British musical talent into the office every Thursday to perform for their employees. Who knows what's exactly meant by 'top British talent', but perhaps don't hold out hope for a private Stormzy gig. Chico though? A definite possibility. 


2. Pawternity leave 

Maternity leave is a thing of the past, 2019 is all about pawternity. Some companies, including Brewdog and Pro-Recruitment Group, now offer their employees time off work to bond with their new pet. Pets with paws only however, so if you've just got a new snake you'll have limit bonding time to evenings only. 


3. Holidays galore 

Forget work retreats to Wales, some companies are offering full-blown all expense paid trips to locations all around the world, from Monaco to Las Vegas. Rise Technical Recruitment, Spencer Ogden and Knowit are just a few companies offering holidays abroad for their hard working employees. Who needs time off when you can lie on a sunbed in Cancun while you're still on the clock? 


4. Fluffy co-workers 

No we're not talking about hairy Geoff from the IT department here. Companies including Delphis Eco and Distinctly have their own resident office dogs. As well as providing a friendly face, pets in the workplace are reportedly good for reducing employee stress, nurturing productivity and boosting team morale. Any excuse, right? 


5. Wellness allowance

Travel website Expedia offer their employees a wellness allowance of between £400 and £1,200 which they can use for all of their wellness-related needs. Other companies, such as Society, offer gym discounts and a cycle to work scheme so you can keep fit outside of work. Alphasights even hold weekly yoga sessions so you can de-stress without even having to leave the office. 


5. Time off to volunteer

If you want to give back but have no free time, Society offer an annual volunteering entitlement where grads can support a community project of their choice. So whether you want to help the homeless or play chess with the folks at the local retirement home, you won't have to try and squeeze it into all your other commitments. 


7. Unlimited holiday

A bunch of companies, including us at GradTouch, are now offering their employees unlimited holiday allowance on the premise that if the work gets done and targets are reached they can enjoy as much time off as they want. So if you're planning a lads holiday in March but you also need next Friday off for Gran's 70th, it's not a problem. 


8. Interest-free loans

In need of some extra cash? Well if you get a job at Liquid Personnel you could enjoy interest-free loans of up to £1,500. So whether you need to take a loan out for your next holiday or so you can afford a pot of soup and a bottle of water at Pret, you can borrow the money and pay it back when your next pay cheque comes in. 


9. Gender-reassignment surgery

In a step towards encouraging inclusivity at the firm, investment bank Goldman Sachs now offer to pay for their transgender employees to have sex-reassignment surgery if they wish. They've also added free IVF treatment to their employee benefit plan, in attempt to encourage more women to join the business. 


10. Office sauna

How do you feel about maxing and relaxing in an office sauna with your colleagues after a long day at work? If the idea doesn't send shivers down your spine then you should consider applying for a job at money-transfer service, Transferwise - they have a built-in office sauna for all their employees to use.