10 unusual degrees that actually exist

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

You can study a degree in just about anything.

Universities around the world are catering to everybody's interests, whether you want to be the world's next puppetry superstar, or a fine wine connoisseur. So if you feel like ditching your traditional course to pick up something a little more - shall we say, niche - here's 10 of the most unusual degrees on offer. 




1. Golf Management 

If you're a golf enthusiast and like the idea of spending the rest of your career coaching and managing the sport all over the world, then the University of Birmingham have got you covered. They offer an Applied Golf Management course, one of the few in the country, where you'll study applied sports science, equipment technology, coaching theory, business management and more.


2. Wine Production 

You'll need more of an interest in wine than just sinking a glass or five on a Friday night to enjoy this foundation degree at Plumpton College. The course focuses on vinegrowing, the foundations of winemaking and the science of wine. If you dream of moving to the South of France, running a vineyard and spending the rest of your days basking in the sun whilst sipping on fine wine, this is your first step to getting there. 


3. Bagpipe Performance

No it's not based in Scotland, in fact you'll have to travel all the way to Pennsylvania in the USA to take part in this Bagpiping degree. Aspiring and seasoned pipers alike are invited to join Carnegie Mellon University on their Bagpipe Performance course, where you'll learn everything there is to know about bagpiping from studio performance skills, to the history and cultural impact of the bagpipes. 


4. Yacht Operations 

If you'd rather get your hands dirty than spend hours trapped in a lecture theatre, have you considered a degree in Yacht Operations? We didn't think so, but this foundation course at South Devon College could be right up your street (or is it, up your sea?). You'd be mistaken if you thought this course involved drinking champagne while you float on the Med though; instead you'll be learning about navigation, sailing and boat maintenance. 


5. Brewing and Distilling 

There won't be much beer tasting on this course unfortunately, but there will be a whole lot of learning about cereal science, yeast science, microbiology and all the ins and outs of brewing and distilling. If this sounds like thrilling stuff to you, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh offer the course and it's accredited by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. 


6. Professional Floristry and Floral Design 

Take your flower arranging skills to the next level on this course at the University of Central Lancashire. Not any old person can apply for this degree however, in fact you'll need to complete a Foundation Degree in Professional Floristry first, to get fully up to speed with the complexities of floral design. It's very serious stuff, this floristry business. 


7. Puppetry

Love the razzle and dazzle of theatre but don't want to be centre stage? Puppetry might be a great alternative for you. Join the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, whose halls have been graced by none other than Dawn French, Judi Dench and Graham Norton (to name a few), on their Puppetry course. You'll design, make and perform with puppets and learn the ropes - sorry, strings - from industry professionals.


8. Beyonce Studies 

If there's any famous person who should, and does, have a university course dedicated to them, it's Queen B herself. It's slightly more highbrow than memorising as many fun facts about Beyonce as you can however, rather this course at Rutgers University in America explores race, gender and sexual politics. So listen, if you're crazy in love with Beyonce, this course is worth the trip overseas. 


9. Social Media Stardom 

Yes, we are living in a day and age where you can pay to learn how to become a social media influencer. Italian university SDA Bocconi School of Management teamed up with publishing house Conde Nast to teach students how to create like-worthy social media content, learn public relations etiquette and become, as they call it, 'hot on the web'. Taking a photo and posting it to Instagram has never been more complicated. 


10. Glass 

With no context, a degree in Glass sounds questionable at best. But this University of Edinburgh masters course is actually run by their Art and Design department and explores glass as a design tool. The programme combines practice-based studio projects with theoretical and written studies so by the end you'll know everything there is to know about glass, and how to use it to make art. Budding artists, this one's for you. 


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