UK-Indian Young Professional Scheme Announced

Nora Blackie
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UK-Indian Young Professional Scheme Announced

Exciting news happened just last week as the Indian high commissioner, Vikram Doraiswami, sat down with the permanent secretary of the UK home office, Matthew Rycroft, to officially launch the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme, set to open in March.


What is this scheme?

This scheme will allow 3,000 graduates between the age of 18-30 to travel to India or the UK with no job in hand required before going over. Graduates will get a full 2-year visa where they are encouraged to do whatever they would like; they can look for work, study, do voluntary work, be self-employed, or start a business. The only requirements are that graduates must fund the trip themselves and find their own accommodation, as it’s encouraged to not just visit the country’s capitals but explore as much as possible.

Doraiswami said “You could attend a course, and go to the British Museum every day if you wish, there is no specification you have to work. The intention is that it allows graduates to be able to go to each other’s country and have the chance to live, study, work and learn about country.”

The scheme is hoping to facilitate young people in India and UK to find jobs, create opportunities, do business, set up starts ups, and create innovation. This scheme is a part of a long 2030 road map to deepen UK-India relations.


Travelling after graduation

As travel becomes easier, more and more graduates are looking to explore and work in other countries, this scheme comes at a perfect time to create amazing opportunities for young professionals.

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