Degrees in the UK with the best prospects in 2023

Nora Blackie
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Degrees in the UK with the best prospects in 2023

Many people view education as a way to gain essential skills for advancing in their careers, increasing their income, or opening up new prospects. Education is often regarded as the first investment that people make in themselves, and despite universities having such a wide variety of degrees available, one fact remains constant: choosing one is a daunting task. Research shows that 60% of Brits are in jobs that aren’t relevant to their degree, and it can feel as though if you don’t have a clear career progression, you’re picking in the dark.

There may feel like constant pressure to make the right choice that will advance your career and enable you to secure the perfect role post-uni. So, the education platform, Preply, has set out to investigate what degrees in the UK have the best prospects in 2023, based on popularity, demand, and average salary.


The Finance, Accounting, and Business group are coming in hot to take the top spot, offering the best overall prospects, including the majority of open positions, 2nd highest average salary, and 3rd-place popularity. There were 4.3 million searches for this industry on average last year, with an average income of £43,000.

Second is any STEM, Biomedical, and Nursing qualifications. Sciences were the most popular searched degree as it surpassed 5 million searches over the last year and the medical sector has the highest number of undergrad courses with the second-best choice of jobs. Joint 2nd is the Engineering, Robotics, Astronautics, and Aeronautics industry, which saw the 3rd biggest job sector growth at 7.4%.

When it comes to the highest average salary, the top spot is taken by Mathematics, Statistics and Economics with an average of £46k. While those in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality earn the most modestly on average.

Coming at the bottom for overall prospects is Fashion, Textiles, and Costume due to Fashion or Costume related roles being much harder to come by with an average of 3,800 being available in the entire country in late 2022. However, the art, entertainment, and recreation sectors have seen the highest job sector growth at +16.1%, as the Covid lockdown shone a light on the importance of these industries.

Choosing the right carer choice is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly, what is one person’s priority may not be another’s. Preply's study seeks to assist people, who may be in doubt, make one of the best investments in their lives. Whether they are trying to focus on employability, job lifespan, or pay prospects or if they are just interested in the overall picture. The most important thing to remember is to choose a degree or path that you enjoy.

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