New report shows that 45% of university students are "really worried" about their career prospects

Sean Talbot
Head of Audience

This summer GradTouch conducted an extensive survey into how students and graduates engage with the job market, and the results have now been published. 

The report revealed a severe lack of optimism amongst both students and graduates when it comes to finding a job after university.

Analysis by GradTouch also showed how long graduates can expect to spend looking for a job after university, and how many applications young people send off on average before finding work. 




The report revealed that only 5% of job-seeking graduates are feeling "very optimistic" about their career prospects, and that 45% of students are feeling "really worried" about their chances of finding a job after university.

Nearly 800 students and graduates took part in the nationwide survey, answering a series of questions about how they apply for jobs and how they feel about the state of graduate employment in 2017. 

University students who took part in the survey suggested that universities need to be doing more to prepare people for the working world. Despite 56% of students saying they roughly knew what they wanted to do after university, 55% also said that their university isn't doing enough to guide them. 

Findings from the report also suggest that the longer it takes to find a graduate job, the harder it becomes. 


To help solve some of the issues raised in the survey, we asked career experts to share some advice.

Issues raised by survey participants include: how to find a job when you have no experience, figuring out what you want to do after university, and the issue of universities not providing enough help. Speaking to experts from companies such as BT and Fujitsu, we offer some helpful tips and tools to getting ahead in the search for a graduate career. 

All advice articles and survey results can be downloaded for free using the link below.


Download and read the report for free here