These are the careers for you, based on your star sign

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Is your career written in the stars? 

If you've visited every career advisor, trawled through thousands of job sites, asked everyone you know for advice but still don't have the foggiest idea about what to do with your career, it might be time to turn to astrology. Widely known as absolutely and unquestionably the most reliable way of determining your true calling, your star sign might shed some light onto what your strengths and weaknesses are and where you should be heading career-wise. 

So, let us delve into the planets, the Sun and the Moon to discover what career path you should really be following...




Aries (21st March - 19th April) 

Natural leaders and driven to be first in everything, Aries' will excel in any Managerial role, from Business Owner to Hotel Manager, where they can tell others what to do and not the other way around. Thanks to their energetic, determined and confident demeanour, those born under Aries also suit roles in the Emergency Services. Or if you fancy yourself as the next Mo Farah, Aries' hold all the qualities required of a Professional Athlete: drive, enthusiasm and competitive spirit. All you need now is the sporting skill. 


Taurus (20th April - 20th May) 

A Taurus needs stability in life, so is unlikely to get bored in an office job. That's not to say they don't thrive elsewhere; careers that require precision, practicality and patience suit a Taurus, such as an Architect, Builder or Chef. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and creativity - this influence, and their meticulous eye, makes those born under Taurus excellent Artists. Either way, Taurus' appreciate the finer things in life so need a job that earns them enough to do so. 


Gemini (21st May - 20th June)

Known for their dual personality, Geminis are sociable and fun one minute, then serious and thoughtful the next - this flexibility in their personality makes them talented Teachers. It's a Gemini's worst nightmare to become trapped in a boring routine. For this reason they're better suited to varied and interesting careers that require them to learn quickly and adapt to change, such a Journalism. Alternatively, Geminis are persuasive and confident speakers; this skill makes them ideal for a career in Public Relations. 


Cancer (21st June - 22nd July)

Emotional, sensitive and intuitive, Cancers need a career that offers them stability, both emotionally and financially. Their empathetic nature and desire to help others makes Cancers suited to roles that work with children and animals, such as a Veterinarian or a Social Worker. The security of home and family is also important to a Cancer - this, alongside their listening skills and trustworthy manner make them well-suited to a career as a Real Estate Agent. Cancers shouldn't rule out Gardening either; Mother Nature would be very pleased to see them nurturing the environment. 


Leo (23rd July - 22nd August) 

Leo's are dominant, energetic and will achieve whatever they set out to do. Their self-confidence and infectious personality is hard to resist and gives them the ability to lead and unite others, a key skill required in Politics. Despite their fearlessness, some Leo's can be fragile and crumble when faced with criticism. A job that uses the same passion as a Politician but requires less validation from others, such as a Motivational Speaker, might suit these Leo's better. Like other Fire signs, a career in Entertainment could be on the cards for a Leo, thanks to their sense of humour, engaging manner and boldness. 


Virgo (23rd Aug - 22nd Sept) 

Spontaneous is not a word you'd use to describe a Virgo - they're detail-oriented, methodical and careful in everything they do. This approach to work makes them great Accountants, Statisticians and Engineers. Although Virgos often find it difficult to express their own feelings, there's no doubt that they have sound judgement and often seek to help others in their work. This, as well as their organised and meticulous work ethic makes them well-suited to a career as a GP or Psychologist. Whatever job a Virgo chooses, as long as the working environment is peaceful and professional, they'll thrive. 


Libra (23rd Sept - 22nd Oct) 

Libras strive for fairness and equality in life - this, alongside their high intellect and persuasiveness means they make successful Lawyers or Mediators. Libras also have a great appreciation for beauty, whether that be in music, art or nature. This keen eye for aesthetics is essential for any creative job, from Graphic, to Interior, to Fashion Design. Libras also excel when it comes to problem solving. Combine this with their cooperative nature and ability to build trust with others, and they are ideal for career in Human Resources. 


Scorpio (23rd Oct - 21st Nov)

Scorpios are resourceful, passionate and thorough in their work, all traits that make them perfect for any Managerial role. They're also naturally secretive people, and this, alongside their curious and observant nature means they'd thrive in a career as Detective or Private Investigator. Scorpios can be intense and mysterious too, so unconventional jobs often appeal to them; a Scorpio shouldn't rule out a career as a Psychic Medium, or even a Funeral Director (someone's got to do it). 


Sagittarius (22nd Nov - 21st Dec)

Those born under Sagittarius are keen travellers, destined to explore the world in search of the meaning of life. This free-spirited nature makes them suited to any travel-related jobs, such as a Travel Agent, Translator or Pilot. Sagittarius' also make successful Salespeople; they always know the right thing to say and have the knack for inspiring enthusiasm in others. Motivated, confident and optimistic too, Sagittarius' are excellent Teachers and students would benefit from their passion.


Capricorn (22nd Dec - 19th Jan) 

With a strong, disciplined work ethic, Capricorns would be a valued employee at any workplace. Their focus, perseverance and consistency when it comes to getting a job done makes a Capricorn well-suited to a job that deals with data and numbers, such as a Computer Programmer, Analyst or Scientist. They also perform well under pressure and never shy away from a stressful role that involves long hours - these qualities make Capricorns perfectly suited to a career in Business or as a top dog at a company. 


Aquarius (20th Jan - 18th Feb)

Inquisitive, deep-thinking and visionary, Aquarians work to live, they don't live to work. Suited to more unconventional jobs that can satisfy their unpredictable nature and desire for the spotlight, Aquarians make talented Actors and Singers. For the tone deaf, a career as a Scientist might suit an Aquarius, thanks to their high intellect and curious mind. Alternatively, despite not being emotional, Aquarians do have an innate need to help others; jobs like Social Work and Non-for-Profit roles would suit them well. 


Pisces (19th Feb - 20th March) 

Pisces' are empathetic, observant and can understand human emotion like no other sign. Jobs such as a Therapist, Counsellor or Nurse, which allow them to put themselves in others' shoes and help change lives, are ideal for them. Pisces' are also often described as dreamers; combine this with their bags of creativity and vivid imagination, then it's no wonder they're often successful Filmmakers and Photographers. Or maybe a life at sea is of interest, working as a Boat Captain? Any Pisces would thrive in the isolated environment of a boat, where they can get lost in their thoughts. 


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