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These are the industries offering the highest graduate starting salaries in 2019

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

The Graduate Market in 2019 report has revealed the industries offering the highest graduate starting salaries. 

In the report produced by High Fliers Research, a market research company specialising in student and graduate research, graduate vacancies and starting salaries at the UK's top employers were reviewed. The research examined how many graduates were recruited by leading employers in 2018, assessed their latest recruitment targets for 2019 and analysed the starting salaries on offer at these companies. 

Amongst The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, the average starting salary for graduates is £30,000 in 2019, unchanged for the fifth year running. Nine organisations offer salaries in excess of £45,000, whilst four employers offer graduates £20,000 or less.

The highest published graduate starting salaries included law firms Linklaters, Baker McKenzie and Allen & Overy, consulting firm Newton, technology company TPP and retailer Aldi.




Here's how each industry or business sector ranked for average graduate starting salary, and you can find the full High Fliers report here. 


1. Investment Banking 

  • Average salary: £47,000 


2. Consulting 

  • Average salary: £45,000 


3. Law 

  • Average salary: £45,000 

Clifford Chance - Trainee Solicitor 


4. Oil & Energy

  • Average salary: £38,500


5. Retail 

  • Average salary: £35,000

Aldi - Graduate Area Manager


6. Banking & Finance 

  • Average salary: £32,000 

Broadstone - Finance Manager 


7. Armed Forces 

  • Average salary: £32,000


8. Consumer Goods 

  • Average salary: £32,000


9. Technology

  • Average salary: £31,500

Colt Technology - Product Engineering 

Alelion - Junior Full-Stack Software Developer 

Roke Manor Research - Graduate Engineer - Network Protocols


10. Accounting & Professional Services 

  • Average salary: £30,000

PwC - Assurance Graduate

ACCA - Chartered Accountant 

EY - Tax Summer Internship 

EY - Assurance Industrial Placement 


11. Media 

  • Average salary: £30,000 


12. Chemical & Pharmaceuticals 

  • Average salary: £29,000


13. Public Sector 

  • Average salary: £23,100 


14. Charity 

  • Average salary: £20,000