Graduate Area Manager
Deadline: ASAP

Graduate Area Manager

Basic Salary: £42,000
Application Deadline: ASAP
Start Date: ASAP

Who will I be working for?

Aldi is one of the most reputable retailers in the global business market today. With a simple goal of providing great value and quality, using leaner and smarter business processes, we’re a supermarket that’s getting it right. We’re winning all kinds of awards and new stores are springing up all over the country as we rapidly increase our market share.

The things that make us a great retailer, also make us a great employer. We’re a very responsible company, always treating our people with decency and respect. Progression is based on merit and it’s easy to see how you can achieve personal success. And, perhaps most importantly, we’re really open. Open to fresh ideas and new perspectives that will help us to become even better. It’s a fantastic place for people who are willing to work hard and learn from the very best.

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What will I be doing?

It’s a graduate programme like no other. Twelve months to jump head first into the fastest, most challenging retail waters. But we’ll be there bobbing along next to you on a reassuring dingy, making sure you have every last drop of training you need. We’re talking everything from Store Operations and Financial Administration, to Logistics and Property Management.
At the end of your 12-month programme, we’ll ask you to take charge of a £multi-million area of three to four stores. Some people might crumble under the pressure but you’ll rise proudly to the challenge. You’ll see it as the perfect chance to apply your leadership skills, commercial awareness and management prowess. Bring it on. 

What skills do I need?

An Aldi graduate is a very special kind of person indeed. Energetic, intelligent and determined to tackle every challenge head on. You won’t be wandering around making the tea, you’ll be running your own store within 14 weeks. You’ll have real responsibility from day one: the freedom to put forward new ideas and the autonomy to make them happen.
A natural leader, you’re happiest when achieving new goals as part of a team. Already those leadership qualities have shown themselves through academic study, voluntary work or perhaps a favourite hobby or interest. It’s all about having a passion for personal excellence; a willingness to push yourself to achieve new things. And if that happens in complex or difficult circumstances, so much the better. 

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- £42,000 rising to £72,000 after four years
- Fully expensed Audi A4
- Opportunities to travel the world
- Health & Lifestyle package 

At Aldi, achievement is rewarded, not only with a £42,000 starting salary and a fully expensed Audi A4 but with unrivalled opportunities for progression.
  • 2:1 degree
  • Full UK driving licence
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