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7 ethical companies hiring graduates right now

These companies not only do good for their industry and employees, but society as a whole too. 

Whether it's supporting the environment, donating to charity or providing employees with the opportunity to progress their skills outside of the workplace, these companies are taking social responsibility seriously. 


1. Shopper Media Group - Media Partnership Associate 

  • Where: London 
  • Salary: Competitive 
  • When to apply: 26 Nov 2019 

Shopper Media Group provide their employees with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. As well as being celebrated for your successes at work, SMG will offer you £500 to spend on any training or development you choose, to help build your skill-set outside of the office too. Join them as a Media Partnership Associate and grow alongside this leading business. 




2. Society - Associate Researcher

  • Where: London 
  • Salary: £25,000 
  • When to apply: ASAP

Society's main goal is simply to change the world for the better. They do this by working globally to help solve senior recruitment challenges for clients in the Higher Education sector, such as universities, schools and charities. Plus, 10% of Society's profits go to charity, and if you join them as a Researcher you'll be allocated an annual volunteering entitlement where you can support a charity of your own choice. 




3. Alelion - Junior Full-Stack Software Developer 

  • Where: Munich, Germany
  • Salary: €1,600 to €1,750 Euros per month  
  • When to apply: ASAP

This high-tech company are dedicated to protecting the environment and their work has saved thousands of tons of CO2. Join them as a Junior Full-Stack Developer and you can help their mission by working on a range of projects using the latest technologies, in their state-of-the-art development labs. They'll support you throughout the placement and might be offered the chance to join full time after graduation. 




4. Octopus Energy - Graduate Customer Operations Specialist 

  • Where: Shoreham
  • Salary: £20,000
  • When to apply: ASAP

As the UK's largest investor in solar generation and the third largest investor in renewable generation overall, Octopus Energy are leading the way towards greener, technology-led energy. 40% of all the UK's large scale solar has been funded by Octopus, which is enough energy to power over a quarter of a million homes. Join this start-up as a Customer Operations Specialist and help progress their mission. 




5. Agrial Fresh Produce - Graduate Finance Trainee 

  • Where: Lichfield
  • Salary: £22,500
  • When to apply: ASAP

Agrial Fresh Produce are a farming and food cooperative who are dedicated to developing sustainable agriculture and healthy food. They achieve this by acknowledging that the people who make up Agrial, whether they are farmers or employees, are the company's driving force. As a Finance graduate you'll be a vital part of that team. 




6. Delphis Eco - Media and Customer Communications Assistant 

  • Where: London
  • Salary: £25,000 - £30,000 
  • When to apply: ASAP

Delphis Eco are the UK's leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products and they're looking for a Media and Communications Assistant to help them become a world leader within the market. Their products are designed to help make our planet and cleaner, greener place to live. If you're passionate about our environment and want to make a difference, apply now. 




7. Hilti - Account Manager 

  • Where: Nationwide
  • Salary: Competitive
  • When to apply: 24 Sept 2019 

Hilti give their employees the opportunities to grow and progress both in and out of the office. With award winning sales and product training and progression opportunities, you'll be given all the tools to become a great Account Manager, plus, with volunteering opportunities available for employees during the work day, you can give back to the community too.