10 Best Side Hustles For Students

Nora Blackie
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10 Best Side Hustles For Students

With the cost of living crisis, we’re all struggling with money at the moment, especially students, so the need for quick and easy side hustles has never been greater. Thankfully, GradTouch is on hand to give you a list of the 10 best side hustles that you can fit around your schedule whilst studying, even if you’re a med student!

  1. Depop and Vinted

Apps like Depop and Vinted are a great place to sell all those clothes you don’t wear anymore. We’d all be surprised at how much of our clothes are just taking up space in our closet and this is a perfect way to make some money out of it. It’s not only clothes you can sell. Books, video games, headphones and more can all be sold on the apps, so get downloading!

  1. Brand ambassadors

Being a brand ambassador is becoming increasingly popular amongst students and it’s not hard to see why. You can set your own hours, work from home on social media and it can be a great networking opportunity. StudentJob UK has a useful list of all the big brand names that are recruiting and the list is pretty much endless. Plus, you’ll almost definitely get free products and discounts, saving even more money in the process. Honestly, what’s not to like?

  1. Jobs on campus

Every uni is always looking to recruit students for jobs, whether it’s paid roles at the student union or working on campus shops, meaning you can quickly hop from a lecture to work without even paying for transport. All you need to do is browse on your university website to find out what’s available and send in an application. Simple!

  1. Photography

Taking photographs can make more money than most people think. The demand is always high, word of mouth amongst students is great for business and you can set your own prices and hours. Websites like Shutterstock and Unsplash are constantly accepting new stock photos too, so a photo of quite literally anything can make you money, even from your basic iPhone!

  1. Selling notes

There has to be one benefit of writing out pages of notes that don’t even come up in exams and this is it. Stuvia and Nexus Notes are two sites where you can easily sell your notes for free. You can quickly get your funds and the more views your notes get, the more money you earn, meaning you can get passive income even after you’ve graduated.

  1. Beauty treatments

Threading eyebrows, hair removal, manicures, pedicures and more are all businesses students have started whilst at university and have earned money from. Just like with photography, word of mouth from students is a great way of gaining new customers, so this is perfect for anyone interested in beauty treatments. Plus, how much work you want to do is completely up to you.

  1. Get crafty on Etsy

Etsy has quickly become one of our favourite apps, as the range of items on there is amazing, meaning the amount of things you can sell on there is pretty impressive too. There is a market for everything from keyrings and coasters to cards and collectibles. You can either sell things you already have or make your own items for whatever price you want.

  1. Delivery Driving

Companies like Just Eat and Deliveroo are always recruiting for drivers and cyclists to deliver their food; after all, where there are students, there are takeaways. The demand is always highest in the evenings after uni is over, which is great for student employees, and since grocery apps like Getir have jumped on the trend, the need for workers shows no signs of slowing down.

  1. Cover teaching

Surprisingly, you need no qualifications whatsoever to be a cover supervisor and since there is a massive teacher recruitment crisis at the moment, there is a big demand for them. All you need is a DBS and you can then sign up directly to a school or an agency, where you can start work pretty much whenever you want. Agencies give workers complete flexibility over what days they work, with some slots even split between morning and afternoon, so this is perfect for students with busy schedules.

  1.   Become a TV extra

Finally, perhaps the most fun side hustle is being a TV (or movie!) extra. This is most common in universities that are in cities, but filming happens all over the country, so anyone can benefit. Like with cover teaching, agencies such as Uni-versal Extras (which was actually founded by a student) are very flexible and can be well-paid with extra royalties if your TV or movie get replayed in the future. Plus, you never know, you might meet a famous actor!