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FMCG & Retail

The role of the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and retail sector is to manage every stage of the supply chain – from production, marketing, and delivery. One of the quickest and most popular routes into this sector is through a graduate scheme where you’ll need some form of degree, with some employers requesting at least a 2:1.

These schemes are typically run by larger retail brands and are designed to give candidates the opportunity to experience a wide range of departments on a rotation basis, spending a few months within each to learn the ropes and find out where your strengths lie.

You could end up responsible for some of the biggest household brand names in the UK in a role that truly keeps you on your toes (it’s not called FMCG for nothing). You’ll need to be able to keep your head under pressure, great adaptability, and an enthusiasm for the brand you’re working on or with. As a nice bonus, there’s usually an abundance of corporate freebies.

The departments themselves can range from Marketing and Sales to Human Resources, Supply Chain, Health and Safety, or Site Management - depending on the programme.
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sales negotiation interpersonal communication time management organisation

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