Here's how graduates are making an impact at global retailer, Lidl, and how you can too


We are Lidl. Global pioneers in game-changing retail. You might think you know us for great products at surprising prices. But there's much more to Lidl than that.

Whether it’s investing in British farming, protecting the rights of workers in our supply chains, tackling childhood obesity or avoiding food waste and plastic, we’re big on working with our partners to tackle some of the UK’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Now more than ever, we are stepping up to feed the nation and keep people safe in our stores. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we have had to rapidly and radically change our ways of working to keep everyone safe and fed - that goes for our customers and our colleagues too.

Our employees are the ones that make it all happen. And our graduates are right there on the front line.


Our two-year Sales Management Programme is the chance for ambitious graduates to discover what it takes to succeed as part of a store management team. With a range of training opportunities to develop your skills and leadership style, this isn’t an ordinary job, this is an extraordinary experience. As current graduate Sheyda told us;

“When you join the scheme, you go straight into it! You need to be able to adapt fast, be proactive and determined in order to succeed. From day one, you’ll be presented with lots of opportunities to make the business better, and it’s up to you to get involved with as much as you can. This can be anything from reducing stock loss, to increasing revenue on non-food. No two days are the same, so if you’re ready for a fast paced, challenging and exciting journey – this is the grad scheme you want to get your hands on!”

"From day one, you can see your actions massively affect the day to day running of the store. It's unreal!"

It’s fast paced and its fun, and we are behind our people all the way. “Everyone has the same hardworking, determined and focused mindset,” Sheyda tells us. “There’s a real teamwork attitude and I feel continuously supported and developed.”

“The stores teams are like a big family. Whilst we all work very hard, there’s always time to have a little joke and a laugh and it makes the day fly by!”

As well as learning on the job, there’s plenty of structured training too and this is where Sheyda found that she really excelled. “I was put onto training courses to gain experience in every part of the store and this definitely made me feel even more invested in the store’s success. You see from day one how your actions massively affect the day to day running of the store. It’s unreal!”

Another area of the business where graduates are making a valuable difference to our performance is Logistics.

Like the Sales Management programme, our Logistics Management Programme is a two-year development journey. The programme provides insight and hands-on experience across every area of our logistics operations from inside our Regional Distribution Centres.

"The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and very fast paced. Be prepared for a whirlwind of a journey!"

The fast-paced warehouse floor is where leaders are born and graduates get stuck into a range of training opportunities before leading a team of their own. They enjoy exposure to other areas of the business too, as current graduate Martine told us;

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to spend time in different departments to enhance my understanding of the business operations. That’s what I love most about the role - the opportunity that comes with it. As a graduate at Lidl you are given great responsibility from the beginning and you’re supported to develop into a great manager, opening up a world of progression opportunities.”


The team atmosphere in the warehouse is a big draw for Logistics graduates. There’s a great feeling of camaraderie and being all in it together, whatever level you’re at. Martine tells us;

“In the warehouse everyone helps each other out and you’re never left feeling you have to deal with a situation on your own. It’s a wonderful and surreal experience walking through a massive warehouse after getting through a tough period and feeling the shared sense of relief, togetherness and achievement from all the colleagues working on the warehouse floor.”

Understandably this year has been tougher than most, with unexpected challenges and priorities changing by the day due to the pandemic. Graduate, Samantha, feels that working together to overcome tough times has brought the team even closer together.

“It’s been challenging creating and maintaining motivation within the team, especially when days are hard and we don’t know when things can go back to normal. Working closely within the team, recognising the hard-work and commitment has been really rewarding though, and helped to create that motivation to push through the hard times together.”

Working at Lidl is rewarding in every sense, because you get the training to succeed in your role and plenty of opportunities to progress your career. You need ambition, passion and drive to join, but most importantly, you should be your true self and grab every opportunity that comes your way with two hands. Samantha sums it up;

“Never limit yourself or your exposure to new challenges and opportunities. Embracing the “you never know until you ask” mentality has definitely impacted what I’ve been exposed to so far. I’ve learnt so much.”