Not sure where to move after uni? Here are the UK's 10 friendliest cities

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Deciding where to make your start as a graduate isn't easy. 

There are a lot of factors to consider, two of the most common being: Where are the most job opportunities? And how does the cost of living vary between cities? 

Personal finance firm, Provident Personal Credit, asked thousands of people in locations across the UK to rate their city on something completely different: friendliness. 

As part of the firm's "Unbroken Britain" survey, they can now "reveal the parts of Britain where you're more likely to receive a warm welcome". 

Each city was given a score out of 10 and York came out on top, achieving a score of 7.47 on the index. 

London didn't make the top 10 list, but came in 30th with a score of 6.44, behind major cities including Manchester (12th), Newcastle (16th) and Liverpool (23rd). 

So, if you're thinking about moving and want to live somewhere you'll know your neighbours, it's something to look at. 


Here are Britain's top 10 friendliest cities.


1. York 

Friendliness score: 7.47


Photo credit: Instagram / @rainywont_stop



2. Gloucester 

Friendliness score: 7.32 


Photo credit: Instagram / @lenasamn



3. Swansea 

Friendliness score: 7.31


Photo credit: Instagram / @uwtsdswanseabusinessschool



4. Aberdeen 

Friendliness score: 7.16


Photo credit: Instagram / @comoest



5. Aberystwyth 

Friendliness score: 7.14


Photo credit: Instagram / @helicidae 



6. Wrexham 

Friendliness score: 7.12


Photo credit: Instagram / @itslukeparker



7. Southampton 

Friendliness score: 7.04


Photo credit: Instagram / @leny.step



8. Birmingham 

Friendliness score: 7.04


Photo credit: Instagram / @jessica_mgl



9. Edinburgh 

Friendliness score: 7.03


Photo credit: Instagram / @jersey_steveo



10. Cardiff

Friendliness score: 6.99


Photo credit: Instagram / @mariobehindthescenes 



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