These are the top 10 UK cities for job opportunities

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Trying to find and apply for jobs is tough, but focusing your search on one of these cities might make things that little bit easier. 

New research from looked at the average number of jobs available over 2016 in cities across the UK, to find where job-hunters may be most likely to have success in the coming year. The list indicates cities in the UK that are currently experiencing signficantly more job growth than others. Perhaps surprisingly, London isn't number one. 

If you're looking for a job this year, here are some places to consider:


1. Liverpool

Liverpool was found to be the city most likely to have lots of jobs on offer in 2017. The city has seen a 23% rise in advertised vacancies over the last year. 


Credit: Instagram / @claireyounster


2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh holds second place, just slightly ahead of London, with a 20% increase in jobs advertised.  


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3. London 

The capital was third most likely to have the most jobs going in 2017, with a 19% rise in available jobs over last year. 


Credit: Instagram / @bennorman117


4. Southampton 

Vacancies in Southampton were up 18%. 


Credit: Instagram / @clombardiseijo


5. Portsmouth 

Over the last year, Portsmouth has seen an 18% increase in job openings. 


Credit: Instagram / @crispycrime


6. Manchester

In sixth place, Manchester had a 17% increase in jobs available over last year. 


Credit: Instagram / @lizziedyson


7. Hull 

Hull is also a promising option for job hunters in 2017 - up 15% for vacancies. 


Credit: Instagram / @gizem07344


8. Cardiff

Vacancies in Cardiff were up 14%. 



Credit: Instagram / @gingechaps


9. Glasgow 

The second Scottish city to make an appearance in the top 10, Glasgow saw a 13% rise in advertised vacancies over the last year. 


Credit: Instagram / @beccalissa


10. Bristol 

Bristol was also named as a top location for job searchers in 2017, with a 13% increase in jobs on offer over the last year.  


Credit: Instagram / @rachsaliba


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