10 companies around the world that offer unreal employee perks

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

A job isn't just about a title and what you get paid, it's about your day-to-day life with the company. 

Here's a list of some of the most exciting companies to work for right now - based on the fact they offer flexible working, uncapped holiday or impressive incentives to reward their employees. 



1. Airbnb

Airbnb was named the best place to work in the US by Glassdoor for 2016. The online hospitality company and community, which offers unique places to stay for travellers, also offers some pretty unique benefits to its employees. Each year, members of the team are granted $2,000 to travel and stay anywhere in the world - provided it's an Airbnb listing. They also offer flexible working hours amongst their perks. 


Credit: Instagram / @airbnb



2. Salesforce 

American cloud computing company, Salesforce.com offers its employees flexible working arrangements and the opportunity to work from home. According to their website, they allow employees seven paid days off every year to spend volunteering. The company's top 100 volunteers each year are also individually given a $10,000 grant to donate to their chosen nonprofit. 


Credit: Instagram / @salesforce



3. Rocketwerkz

Dean Hall launched this gaming company in New Zealand, determined to create an incredible workplace culture. Employees receive unlimited paid annual leave and they don't work set hours. They also get a share in the company's profits, while Hall's own salary is capped at no more than 10% above his highest-paid employee. 


Credit: Twitter / @rocket2guns



4. Songkick

This startup helps music fans track their favourite artists. Songkick grants its team unlimited holidays, as well as treats like summer festival trips and a monthly gig budget. 


​Credit: Instagram / @songkick



5. Propellernet

Propellernet is a digital agency based in Brighton and they decided to get super creative with their employee perks. The company has an old-fashioned sweet dispenser which they call the Dream Machine. Each staff member is asked to name their ultimate dream - from travelling Africa on a motorbike, to taking their whole family skiing. When the firm hits a big target, a ball is drawn at random from the machine to find out which team member's dream will come true. They prioritise workplace fun and wellbeing. 


Credit: Instagram / @propellernet



6. Inventium 

Melbourne-based consultancy firm, Iventium was founded by Amantha Imber, who has a particularly trusting approach to paid holiday. Employees get unlimited, uncapped paid annual leave with no guidelines. In an article for The Hufftington Post, Imber said, "it felt a bit patronising" to set rules around the policy. 


Credit: Instagram / @marklobo



7. HubSpot

​HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform with lots of happy employees. The HubSpot team get unlimited paid holiday, flexible working hours and can work from home as long as they get the job done. The company was named one of Fortune and Great Place to Work's Best Workplaces for Flexibility in 2016. 


Credit: Instagram / @janlukavb



8. Asana

This San Francisco-based IT company offers unlimited paid holiday, plus lots of other perks including on-site yoga classes. Employees also get access to life-coaching services, which are compensated by the company.


Credit: Instagram / @teamasana



9. Spencer Ogden 

Spencer Ogden is a global recruiter, established in 2010 and specialising in Engineering and Infrastructure Recruitment. Not only does their office have a ping-pong table, but staff are offered the opportunity to work from the beach. Employees who meet their targets for three months reportedly get to go and work at the company's Ibiza office.


Credit: Instagram / @spencerogden_london



10. GradTouch

We're allowed to include ourselves - right? Here at GradTouch we are ​transforming the graduate recruitment market, using media to give grads a unique insight and behind-the-scenes look into companies before applying for jobs. Employees here get a pretty great deal, with unlimited paid holidays, flexible working, a ping-pong table, onsite bar, free Friday lunches, and regular social events. Want to join us as a Developer? Apply here now. 


Credit: Instagram / @gradtouch



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