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Advertising, Marketing, Media & PR

Elements of advertising, marketing, media and PR touch almost every industry. As such, there's a vast array of roles that exist in this sector, and each one can differ greatly from the last. The primary goal of most employees in this line of work is to help clients and businesses to connect with their audiences and promote their brands, products, or services. You’ll need to communicate their message to the widest audience possible using a range of media channels and techniques, like television, radio, print or social.

Ever seen a brand tweet something cringe and thought “I could do better than that!”? Well, on the other side of that account is a Social Media Manager trying their best to relate to you. That Instagram post you spotted? An Account Manager arranged the shoot, a Photographer took it, and a Graphic Designer edited it to fit the feed. That off the cuff stunt? It was planned months in advance.

This sector is ideal for anyone who enjoys thinking outside of the box, has an eye for detail and works well under pressure, you typically don't require a specific degree to succeed in this industry. While experience in media, marketing, or advertising is advantageous, you're more likely to be scouted for your imaginative thinking and solid communication skills.

Common roles in this industry include: Marketing Executive, Social Media Executive, Accounts Manager, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Videographer, and Campaigns Executive.
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communication creativity writing social media design analytical skills

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