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We are incling

A young and fast growing market research consultancy that specialises in building beautiful, bespoke online communities to solve marketing, innovation and communication challenges.


We’ve worked in over 27 languages and had more than 300,000 participants log onto our communities from more than 92 countries.

We’re really passionate about the benefits and possibilities that online communities offer to the market research industry so set about developing our own platform and launching the company in 2013. We work with a wide range of brands offering full service consultancy and other research agencies who need the software and online community guidance.

We have four core values that we strive to every day:

Quality Hunters - We are proud to be at the forefront of digital research and strive for the highest quality in everything we do. From the relationships we forge, to how we manage projects and deliver outputs, we never settle.

Intrepid Explorers - Our entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude translates into a passion for rich insights and a desire to continually improve, experiment and push boundaries.


Tribal Teammates - We embrace diversity and look for team members with different backgrounds, perspectives and strengths to enrich our work and each other. We are humans first, consultants second in everything we do – we believe great relationships are the source of great results.

Digital Pioneers - We passionately live and breathe all things digital. We work as a remote team, seek out and adopt the latest technologies and all play a part in constantly developing our solutions.

At incling we believe that what you do is much more important than when or where you do it. We also know that most people are much more creative and productive when they are comfortable and can fit work around the other important things happening in their lives. With that in mind we have set up incling to be a remote business, this means everyone at incling is welcome to work from anywhere they choose (within the UK) as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

Even though we're geographically dispersed we are a tight knit team who keep in touch and collaborate on a daily basis (using Skype, Zoom, Asana and Google Workspace). We like to work hard, but also believe in maintaining a healthy work/life balance so everyone at incling is welcome to fit their working day flexibly between our core hours (7am to 9pm). We do work across multiple markets so occasionally ask that the team shift their schedule to align with different time-zones.

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