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Accounting & Finance

One of the UK's biggest employment sectors, accounting and finance has an array of roles to suit apprentices, school leavers and university graduates. If you like logic and numbers, and you’re organised and analytical, you might just love a finance-related career.

Working in accountancy and finance, your primary role will be using your expertise to control the management of the business and help it grow – maybe you’re the next Wolf of Wall Street advising them how to invest, or you’re the swift hand that slaps frivolous purchases out of their palms.

Many accountants also specialise in a specific area of work. For example, you could find yourself working in auditing, taxation, assurance, or corporate finance. You’ll be good at critical thinking and problem solving, with a strong attention to detail. Graduates can enter into this field with a bachelor’s degree in any subject, although having a degree background in disciplines such as accounting, finance or STEM related fields is a huge bonus.
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numeracy data handling organisation technology problem solving analytical thinking

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