These student accommodations offer the best value for money

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

The students have spoken and these are the university accommodations where you'll get your money's worth. 

As the new academic year approaches, now is the time when lots of students will be securing their uni accommodation. To help you find the best halls at your uni, student review website StudentCrowd has compiled the Top 50 Halls in the UK.

Over 21,000 students reviewed their uni accommodation based on a number of factors, including value for money. StudentCrowd managing director, Paul Humphreys noted the importance of including a 'value for money' rating on their survey, stating "it's imperative that students are getting value for money - not just in terms of the University and course, but also with their living arrangements." 

So, if you're on the hunt for accommodation for the upcoming year and want the best bang for your buck, these are the halls that ranked in the top 20.



1. The Shield - Northumbria/Newcastle 

Score: =5 


2. Pitt Street Studios - Northumbria/Newcastle 

Score: =5 


3. Apollo Court - University of Liverpool 

Score: 4.89 


4. Myrtle Court - Liverpool

Score: 4.88 


5. Ashcroft - University of Birmingham 

Score: =4.87


6. Falkner Eggington - Loughborough University 

Score: =4.87


7. Canto Court - London

Score: 4.83 


8. Upperton Road - De Montfort University 

Score: =4.78 


9. Cryfield - University of Warwick 

Score: =4.78 


10. The Railyard - Cambridge 

Score: 4.75


11. Harry French - Loughborough University 

Score: 4.71 


12. Westwood - University of Warwick 

Score: 4.7 


13. Butler Court - Loughborough University

Score: =4.69 


14. Telford - Loughborough University 

Score: =4.69


15. The Heights - Birmingham 

Score: 4.6 


16. Laycock Studios - Sheffield 

Score: =4.64 


17. John Burnet Hall - University of St Andrews 

Score: =4.64 


18. Albany Park - University of St Andrews 

Score: =4.6 


19. Whitefield - University of Warwick 

Score: =4.6 


20. Snowdon Hall - Wrexham 

Score: 4.57