These are the 20 best university campuses in the UK

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

Loughborough University has been rated the best UK university campus.

Student reviews website Student Crowd has published the results for their University Campus Awards 2018, crowning Loughborough University as having the best campus in the UK.

To separate the best campuses from the rest, 7,849 students reviewed their university's campus on things such as the quality of the facilities, spaciousness, access to green spaces and social events.

Leicestershire's Loughborough University received a five-star rating from students for its campus and facilities, pipping the University of Exeter to the top spot.

The top 20 best university campuses in the UK are listed below, and you can find out more here



1. Loughborough University




2. University of Exeter



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3. Lancaster University




4. University of Dundee



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5. Edge Hill University



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6. University of Sheffield




7. University of Leeds



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8. University of Nottingham




9. University of Bath



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10. Newcastle University



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11. University of St Andrews




12. University of Reading



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13. University of Birmingham



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14. Nottingham Trent University



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15. University of East Anglia



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16. University of Huddersfield




17. Durham University



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18. University of Surrey




19. University of Kent



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20. University of Glasgow



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