Meet the award-winning recruitment company that puts its employees first

Hollie Price - Paid Sponsorship with Pro-Recruitment Group

If you go above and beyond for the company you work for, should you expect them to go above and beyond for you?

If you’re working on building a career from the start like many graduates right now, you’ve probably noticed that some companies do try and show their gratitude with free fruit and the occasional party.

But is that all you can expect from an employer?

We’ve been speaking to Pro-Recruitment Group, a recruitment company based in London who are setting a new bar for employee satisfaction. So what is it they do for their staff?


They really care about inclusivity.

First of all, Pro-Recruitment have achieved a 50:50 male to female ratio and really champion success no matter who you are. Their commitment to fairness can be seen across the business; Rhian, an Associate Consultant at the company, told us how included she was made to feel when she joined: "I think Pro-Recruitment Group is really inclusive and diverse, the office is fun, sociable and like a family. Everyone was so friendly when I joined and really included me so I wasn't left out."


And training and progression aren't just buzzwords.

You're pushed to be the best employee you can be, with progression and targets clearly laid out in front of you so you know where you need to be. Laura, who only joined the business 4 weeks ago said that the promotion criteria is clearly laid out to you from day one: "You know exactly what you have to do, and what targets you have to hit to receive promotions... the support you are gifted is second to none. All of the team are always more than happy to answer any questions and help you so that you can become the best consultant that you can be." 


They can help you get on the property ladder.

As well as huge earning bonuses that can see staff receive up to 40% of their billings and massively boosting their take home pay, Pro-Recruitment Group also offer a mortgage fund. The unique benefit means that the company will match up to 50% of your savings towards a house, allowing you to get on the property ladder a lot faster than you would on your own. Nadia, an Associate Consultant, told us she started using the mortgage fund a few months ago and can't wait to see it build up over time.


Decisions are powered by employees.

Pro-Recruitment Group promote the idea that “if you choose a job you love then you will never work a day in your life,” and are constantly looking inward to ensure their employees do genuinely love where they work.

Development within the organisation is driven by employees, from open suggestion boxes to surveys, giving staff the power to create the environment they want to work in. Because of their commitment to employee satisfaction, Pro-Recruitment Group have secured a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor.


Staff are encouraged to challenge the norm.

We all have opinions – some better than others – but at Pro-Recruitment Group members of the team are encouraged to challenge decisions they think are counterproductive to the company’s goals and objectives. If you’re solutions driven and like having your say, you’ll find this place really refreshing.


The culture is designed to work for you.

We all have personal milestones as well as career goals, and Pro-Recruitment Group know this. They offer you time off when it is most needed, allowing you to be flexible enough to do what you need to stay focused and healthy – like go to the gym or make a doctor’s appointment. There is even Pawternity – an incentive that allows you to have time to bond with your pet.


And there are plenty of other perks too.

There’s more. A whole load of incentives designed to create a vibrant workplace that brings the best out of people. There’s a cycle to work scheme, private medical care, gym membership discount – and you may even need your passport for some of the others.

You can win holidays or jet off to the alps on the company’s annual ski trip. You’ll have plenty of socials to build your work friendships throughout the year, and what better way to celebrate your achievements than to holiday with them.

Some of the perks will require your best gear, visits to the best restaurants and bars in London – but you’ll also be glad to know that you only need to be suited and booted for occasions like these since the office dress code is casual.


Pro-Recruitment Group is committed to putting everything into its workforce to ensure you can thrive professionally and personally. If you’d like to work for a company like this, you’re in luck, because they’re hiring right now.

Find out more about their role and apply below.