“I’m usually craving to get back to work” – Hear from the graduates at award-winning Pro-Rec Group


Everyone wants to work for a company that offers its employees great perks, flexibility and a social atmosphere. And that is what Pro-Recruitment Group tries to offer better than anyone else in the industry.

The award-winning company was established in 2007 on the premise that work should be fun, rewarding and enjoyable.

We wanted to find out what sets Pro-Recruitment Group aside from other recruitment companies, and hear from their newest starters about what it’s like to work there, what it takes to succeed, and why personality fit is everything. Akhil, Hannah, Aaron, Nadia and Jay are all Associate Consultants who have started in the last year.


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Akhil, 25, who studied at Swansea University, describes himself as ‘endearingly awkward’ and says his favourite company perk is ‘First Fridays’ – which is where Pro-Recruitment finish work at 3pm and take the team out for drinks on the first Friday of the month. He didn’t always see himself working in recruitment, but says, “I find it challenging and rewarding. The successes are very satisfying.”

Akhil says he learned a lot about people skills and time management at Pro-Recruitment, which he wouldn’t have learnt as well or quickly at another organisation: “This company is very friendly and supportive, and [other companies] may not have this environment.”


Hannah, 20, also says she’s learned so much about people skills since recently starting her job.

“You interact with a whole multitude of people and it is so interesting learning about what motivates people, what [their] opinions are…. essentially what makes up a person.”

Hannah says she goes out for dinner, drinks and movie nights with her colleagues, but also that she never anticipated working in recruitment.

“My perceptions were that recruiters were fluffy, and they talked a lot. Since joining I realised very quickly that only one of those statements were true – talking a lot!”

We asked Associate Consultant Hannah what her favourite perk was at Pro-Recruitment Group, she said: “Flexible working, I am an early bird and most productive in the morning so it is nice to have an employer recognise that and allow me to work those hours.”

You have to be motivated, hard-working and prepared to socialise with your team to succeed at Pro-Recruitment, says Hannah.


21-year-old Aaron, also an Associate Consultant, says you’ll succeed at the company if you’re extremely personable.

 “Since I started at Pro-Recruitment, the biggest thing I learned is to be more confident in my own ability,” he says, which was spurred on by the company’s support and training. “Pro’s confidence in me pushed me to achieve this a lot earlier than expected.”

“For a potential [new starter],” Aaron says, “my biggest advice would be to throw yourself into the assessment day as much as you can. It’s one of the best assessment days in the industry, it gives you a real insight into a day in recruitment. Also, ensure you listen to the feedback you receive from the managers!”




Nadia, 24, who studied at Lancaster University and loves food, travelling and music, says a good employee at Pro-Recruitment is someone who is “hardworking and fun,” who is able to show persistence and dedication as well as having a willingness to have a chat with various kinds of people.

When we asked her what her favourite thing about her job is, Nadia mentioned getting her birthday off every year, and the mortgage fund that is offered to staff looking to get on the property ladder – (if you save, they’ll match your savings by up to 50%!).

Nadia says she hadn’t always wanted to work in recruitment, but says since joining Pro-Recruitment, she’s realised how dynamic the role is.


Jay, a Consultant who went to university in Westminster and Sheffield, spoke a lot about the learning process new recruits go through, and how that has helped him grow.

“I recruit for tax and the financial services sectors. I had absolutely zero experience/knowledge of either field before joining, and have had to learn both from scratch. I wouldn’t have been able to learn this as quickly as I have without Pro’s support.”

He also says that it’s a company that listens to its new recruits, which he valued as a graduate. When asked about his favourite perk he said “bit of a boring one, but the suggestions box.” He said it’s where people put their ideas for the business, no matter how ridiculous. “Just knowing that any idea you have will be met with ears, you can’t help feel a certain company-ownership – even when you’re starting from the bottom.”


We asked all the team if they ever get Sunday Fear, and dread going into work on Monday. Unsurprisingly they all said no, and explained why.

  • Jay: “Sunday morning I’m usually craving to get back to work…. I never fear coming to work.”
  • Hannah: “Not at all, I look forward to coming to work.”
  • Akhil: “It’s overshadowed by the candidate and client meetings and potentials I have next week and it gets me excited to come in.”
  • Nadia: “No, because I am excited about what the week will be like; every day is different which means you never get bored”
  • Aaron: “No, I genuinely look forward to coming to work and I’m not just saying that!”


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