The benefits of working for a dog-friendly company

Nora Blackie
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The UK is well-known for its love of dogs, with more the 12 million dogs living in households nationwide! Dog ownership increased significantly after the recent pandemic, and more people than ever are devoted to their four-legged companions. And with the pandemic blurring the lines between home and office, once the return began, the lines continued to blur, and workers’ expectations had changed. Should dogs be allowed in the office?  

While letting dogs into the office may seem like rewarding pet owners and disrupting a peaceful environment, there are some great advantages to having a canine companion around and we’re now seeing more companies open their doors to dogs too, so how can working next to them help you in your job?   


Here are some benefits to having a dog-friendly office:  

1. Communication  

If there is a dog in the office, you can guarantee people are stopping by to have a cuddle. This can give you the chance to meet people across the whole office that you might never have engaged with before!  


2. Exercise  

Dogs need walks and so do humans. A healthier lifestyle can improve concentration, reduce stress, and boost morale. So, joining in with your co-workers during a lunchtime walk is a great way to get out of the office and recharge during the day.   


3. Helping Mental Health  

Who doesn’t love seeing a dog every day? A recent Rover survey reveals that 65% of UK pet parents say working alongside their dog improves their mental health and wellness. Research has also shown that even simply petting a dog can lower stress hormones in the body and increase our feel-good hormones!  


Now we’ve gone through some of the benefits of working in a dog-friendly office, here are some of the best dog-friendly companies according to Rover.  


  1. Attest  
  2. TaskRabbit  
  3. Itch  
  4. Tailwise  
  5. Procore echnologies  
  6. Slightly Foxed  
  7. Hug pet food  
  8. Kontor  
  9. Papier  
  10. Tessian  


These are just a few of the growing companies allowing dogs into their offices, however, we’re seeing more companies adopt these dog-friendly policies! Since the pandemic, work life has changed, and offices are concentrating more on creating a productive environment. Dogs could be one step of many to achieve this so keep your eye out for dog-friendly offices!