It's official, you won't be your most driven until age 33

Amy O'Neill

If you'd prefer to sit on the sofa watching Netflix than go out and reach your career goals, don't worry, because you have until you're 33 to sort your life out. 

As part of their I Quit Campaign, urging people to quit fads and focus on long-term change, Bupa Health Clinics carried out a poll of 2,000 adults to determine when people are most driven. 

According to the poll, you won't be your most motivated and determined to achieve your goals until you're 33. This has been put down to having more confidence, energy and a positive outlook on life by the time you reach your thirties. 




So how do you reach your goals when you're not at your peak for another 10 years?  

Dr Naveen Puri from Bupa Health Clinics says, "Drive plays an important role in our goals no matter what they are. Everyone wants to reach their goals but doing so isn't always as easy as they may think. When setting goals, I would advise making these realistic to your ability. Once you've achieved this, you'll have a sense of achievement which will give you more motivation for future goals." So if you have dreams of running a multi-million pound business, Dr Puri would advise starting with an achievable goal and working your way up. 

It was also found that not having support or guidance towards your goals might set you back in achieving them too - seven in 10 people would be more likely to achieve their goals if they were supported by others. 

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