58% of employers say they won't hire you if your LinkedIn photo is a selfie

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Everyone loves a selfie.

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But unfortunately, according to a new survey - 88% of hiring managers think it's "unprofessional" to use a selfie on your LinkedIn profile. 

It gets worse. 58% of the 2,186 employers surveyed by Envirofone say they'll automatically rule you out as a candidate because of it. 

The research also reveals that 60% of potential employers check a candidate's social media profiles during the hiring process - highlighting the importance of keeping your online presence professional. That includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (unless you set them to private). 

So, it's out with selfie sticks, and in with awkwardly asking your flatmate to snap some professional headshots of you to upgrade your LinkedIn profile. 



What does the ideal LinkedIn photo look like?

Since selfies are clearly a "no," there are some simple guidelines to follow to choose a LinkedIn photo that'll maximise your chances of getting hired. 

First thing's first, according to LinkedIn research, having a photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed - so, having one in the first place is crucial. From there, make sure you're representing yourself as you would in an interview or on your first day of work - your LinkedIn photo is likely to form the first impression you make on an employer, so wear what you'd wear to work. Research suggests smiling and making sure you're making direct eye contact with the camera is the way to go, if you want to seem likeable and trustworthy. 

Keep the photo quality high, the background clean and uncluttered, and remember, it's a headshot - your profile photo will only appear as a small thumbnail, so it only needs to include your head, neck and a bit of your shoulders and should be close-up. 

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