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These UK universities are among the top 100 in the world right now

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) has published its global university ranking for 2020-2021, with ten UK universities making it into the top 100.

To determine which universities are the best in the world, CWUR uses the following objective indicators to rank them out of 100: Quality of EducationAlumni EmploymentQuality of FacultyResearch Performance (comprising Research Output, High-Quality Publications, Influence and Citations).

While the top spot went to Harvard University in the USA, ten UK universities placed within the top 100 of the ranking, with the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford both featuring in the top 5. 

The top ten UK universities in the world are listed below, and you can find the full ranking here.


1. University of Cambridge

Score out of 100: 94.1

World ranking: 4



A post shared by University of Cambridge (@cambridgeuniversity) on



2. University of Oxford

Score out of 100: 93.3

World ranking: 5



A post shared by The University of Oxford (@oxford_uni) on



3. University College London

Score out of 100:  88.4

World ranking: 19



A post shared by University College London (@ucl) on



4. Imperial College London

Score out of 100: 86.7

World ranking: 30



A post shared by Imperial College London (@imperialcollege) on



5. University of Edinburgh

Score out of 100: 85.2

World ranking: 44




6. King's College London

Score out of 100: 85.1

World ranking: 45



A post shared by Life at King's College London (@lifeatkings) on



7. University of Manchester

Score out of 100: 84.1

World ranking: 57



A post shared by The University of Manchester (@officialuom) on



8. University of Birmingham

Score out of 100:  82.8

World ranking: 78



A post shared by University of Birmingham (@unibirmingham) on



9. University of Bristol

Score out of 100:  82.2

World ranking: 90



A post shared by University of Bristol (@universityofbristol) on



10. University of Leeds

Score out of 100: 81.8

World ranking: 100



A post shared by University of Leeds (@universityofleeds) on