17 of the weirdest job titles that genuinely exist in 2018

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

If you could have any job title what would it be?

With more and more jobs being created that never existed before thanks to technology, it follows that there is now an increased number of rather quirky job titles to go with them.

Employment website Glassdoor has combed through thousands of its jobs to compile a list of the most out-there job titles currently available in 2018, and an explanation of what the jobs actually entail.




How would you like to put one of these job titles on your CV?


1. Developer Evangelist

It wasn’t until the rise of mobile apps in the late 2000s that developer evangelism (the science of encouraging the adoption of, and development on, a given technology) truly took off. A developer evangelist is a spokesperson, mediator and translator between a company and both its technical staff and outside developers.


2. Brow Expert

Just as an interior decorator can give you a brand-new perspective on your home, a brow expert can transform the way you and others see your facial features.


3. Cloud Chief Architect

 An advisor, but also an IT strategist across all aspects of infrastructure and application portfolios. This person will be the focal point for all technical aspects relating to the cloud.


4. Telemedicine Assistant

The same advances that opened up the door for Virtual Assistants also made telemedicine possible. Telemedicine Assistants support Physicians who consult patients via video conferencing. This role will manage day-to-day bookings on the Teledermatology pathway as well as contacting other patients to offer the choice of this service as an alternative to a physical meeting.


5. Sandwich Artist

Michelangelo? Raphael?…nope. This is a different type of ‘Hearty Italian’ you’ll be spending most of your day handling. This roles includes making sandwiches on a daily basis at Subway.


6. Graduate BrainBox

BrainLabs is a pioneering scientific marketing and tech agency looking to add the best young talent to their ranks as part of a Graduate scheme. You can train to be an Account Manager, Software Developer or even a Strategy Manager.


7. Listening Lead

A new role which has been created due to the importance and influence of Social Media within organisations. As part of this job you will use Social Media monitoring tools to deliver campaign insight to key stakeholders.


8. Beverage Application Technologist

You’ll most likely be working for a huge drinks company developing new product formulae, applying flavours in base and producing prototypes in the laboratory.


9. Python Developer

This job has nothing to do with snakes. Created by former Google employee, Guido van Rossum, Python is a computer programming design that emphasises code readability and a syntax that allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code.


10. Ethical Hacker

This candidate is fascinated by Cyber Security and can execute ethical hacking exercises by replicating the tactics, techniques and procedures of those causing online threats to a business. The job of an ethical hacker is to try and uncover any weaknesses in online systems that might be exploited for criminal gain.


11. Ruby Developer

Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. As a Developer, your main responsibility will be for the design, development and implementation of new features of an online platform or web application.


12. Party Chief

This has nothing to do with organising the Christmas shindig. A Party Chief can mainly be found in engineering industries and is responsible for conducting surveys of potential construction sites or conducting field research which can determine costs and feasibility of projects. 


13. Animal Technologist

Largely responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals used in scientific research and experiments.


14. Protein Expression Scientist

 A complex lab-based role, which largely involves cloning and testing engineered DNA constructs and developing bench scale protein purification methods.


15. Waste Chemist

This is not a glorified Binman. Candidates would usually have a qualification in a Chemistry-related subject and even experience working in an industrial laboratory, managing and analysing waste materials.


16. Ramp Agent

No, this has nothing to do with MI5 or the CIA, however it does have a lot to do with making sure airports operate safely and effectively. Airline flight crews need ramp agents to safely guide their planes into gates and then push them back out again. Ramp agents are also responsible for all ground servicing of a commercial airliner, including loading and unloading of baggage and cargo.


17. Nandoca

Another fast food job title, a Nandonca is a name given to employees at Nando’s giving ‘everything they have into everything they do’.