Pack your suitcase. This graduate scheme will literally take you to paradise

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

What springs to mind when you imagine life on a graduate scheme?

Early mornings, long working hours and low pay? How about setting off on an adventure in paradise instead?

Tourism Fiji has launched the graduate scheme of dreams, giving one lucky graduate the chance to win a month-long stay on the island this June.



The scheme, Degree2Fiji, aims to teach the successful candidate "key workplace skills, far from the traditional office setting".

From proving your ability to be a leader to perfecting your teamwork skills, it's essentially a graduate scheme like any other, but instead of learning these skills in an office, you'll acquire them through adventure sports such as sky diving and working alongside local people and specialists alike to help conserve the local wildlife.

As well as being based in a much more idyllic location than most, the scheme's application process is also a little different. Rather than submitting a CV, graduates need to create a 30 second video about a passion of theirs, then upload it onto social media with the hashtag #Degree2Fiji.


According to the entry criteria, the ideal applicant will meet the following requirements:

+ Be sitting your final year of university or have a university degree, but you will not yet have entered full-time employment, a graduate scheme or internship.

+ UK based

+ At least six months on your passport

+ A day to visit us for the interview round before Easter in 2018

+ Enough time to embark on this month-long adventure in June 2018


You can find out more about the scheme here