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The 15 best UK universities to study Engineering and Technology, according to employers

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

STEM graduates are in high demand right now. 

We've got these Tech jobs you can apply for now, and this list of companies who are currently hiring STEM grads, to prove it. 

But which universities have the best reputation amongst employers for their Engineering and Technology courses? 

The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 have been released - rating universities across the world in 46 individual subject areas. The rankings evaluate university courses overall using several factors, one of which is "Employer Reputation". 


They surveyed graduate employers across the world, receiving over 40,000 responses, to find out which courses have the highest employability rating. 


From their findings, we can see the top UK universities to study Engineering and Technology - based on how positively employers view them for that specific subject area. 

Here are the top 15:



1. University of Cambridge 

Employer reputation score: 100

Credit: Instagram / @berrylinlin



2. University of Oxford 

Employer reputation score: 98.6

Credit: Instagram / @jamilyaakhmetova



3. Imperial College London 

Employer reputation score: 89.3 

Credit: Instagram / @dariraz_studio



4. University of Edinburgh 

Employer reputation score: 77.5 

Credit: Instagram / @dere___k



5. University College London (UCL)

Employer reputation score: 76.8 

Credit: Instagram / @amyjessop1



6. University of Manchester

Employer reputation score: 74.8 

Credit: Instagram / @rulerl



7. University of Warwick 

Employer reputation score: 73.8 

Credit: Instagram / @chengyanzi



8. King's College London 

Employer reputation score: 72.9 

Credit: Instagram / @jasonkapitzke



9. Queen's University Belfast 

Employer reputation score: 70.8 

Credit: Instagram / @andrealbiagini



10. University of Birmingham 

Employer reputation score: 70.2 

Credit: Instagram / @emmathomason_



11. Oxford Brookes University 

Employer reputation score: 68.9 

Credit: Instagram / @eclaire9718



=12. University of Bristol 

Employer reputation score: 68.1 

Credit: Instagram / @drjustinpark



=12. University of Leeds

Employer reputation score: 68.1 

Credit: Instagram / @beccajmes



=12. Cranfield University 

Employer reputation score: 68.1 

Credit: Instagram / @rafims_



15. University of Nottingham 

Employer reputation score: 67.6 

Credit: Instagram / @ben.jacklin



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