70% of Millennials would quit their job if their employer did something they disagreed with

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Three-quarters of Millennials say they would quit their job if their employer did something that went against their core principles. 

International jobs site Glassdoor surveyed over 1,000 people who are currently employed in the UK, across several different age ranges, and they found some interesting generational differences. 




71% of employees aged 18-24 said they'd resign "if their employer acted in a way that went against their core beliefs and principles". 

Meanwhile, less than half of employees over the age of 55 said they would do the same (49%). 

Similarly, Millennials felt it was important for their employer to take a stand on social issues (73%), as well as political issues (56%). Whereas, in the 55+ age category, fewer respondents felt the same way (55% and 33% on social and political issues respectively).

Millennials were also found to have a "sharper focus on diversity," with 82% of young employees saying their employer should actively try to improve diversity and inclusion within the company. This was compared to 64% of over 55s saying this was important to them. 



"Young people in the workforce today make it their business to be informed about an employer's culture, corporate social activities and attitude to social and political issues."

David Whitby, UK Country Manager at Glassdoor, commented on the findings. "They aren't just looking for a job, they are looking to align themselves with an organisation that shares their values and beliefs." 

He added, "Employers have to realise that offering a good salary package is no longer enough to attract the best talent, they also need to demonstrate that they have a conscience and act responsibly. They must offer a clear mission and a strong culture that engages employees and candidates."