This is the UK's most attractive city to live and work

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

Edinburgh has been crowned the UK's most attractive city to live and work.

The Scottish capital beat London and 10 other major UK cities to the title in a recent survey conducted by Royal Mail.

To determine the attractiveness of each city, the survey considered criteria such as the number of job opportunities available, affordability of housing and green space.

Despite London and Bristol coming a close second and third in the rankings, cities in the north dominated the top of the table, with Newcastle, Manchester and Glasgow also performing well.

Named the least attractive of the 12 cities in the survey is the UK's second city Birmingham, where job opportunities and access to education were found to be lacking.


Here are the most attractive cities in the UK to live and work.


1. Edinburgh




2. London




3. Bristol



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4. Newcastle



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5. Manchester



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6. Glasgow



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7. Leeds



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8. Cardiff



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9. Sheffield




10. Liverpool



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11. Belfast



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12. Birmingham



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