This Westeros Recruitment site lets you apply for Game of Thrones 'jobs'

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Game of Thrones fans rejoice. You can get one step closer to inhabiting the fictional world of Westeros... by ~sort of~ applying for a job there. 

Parody career website, Westeros Recruiment, is accepting applications for roles from Apprentice at the House of Black & White (which, naturally, pays nothing), to Personal Assistant to Bran Stark, and Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. 

"We specialise in matching the best candidates to roles across the Seven Kingdoms," reads the site's 'About Us' page, which further explains: "We find the jobs, staying in them is your problem."



Each job listing is based on the plot of the show (spoiler alert if you're not up-to-date). 

Complete with location, salary, key skills required and the duties that come with each role. 






See this job description for the role of Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, for example. 

This position will see the successful candidate fulfil tasks such as "meet with representatives of the Kingdom" and "ensure the gap between rich and poor grows".

Of course, to succeed as Lord of the Seven Kingdoms a very specific personality and skill set is required - the ideal candidate will be an "expert in cruel and unusual punishment" and be "highly self-assured". 





Time to polish that CV and get your application in? A girl thinks so.