Do you have any of these skills listed on your CV? They could lose you money

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Some skills look better on a CV than others. But have you considered how the skills you choose to highlight on your CV could affect what you end up getting paid? 

With as little as a few seconds of a recruiter or employer's attention - it's crucial that your CV communicates the right impression from the start. When selecting skills to emphasise or feature in a dedicated section, it's important to tailor them to the job you're applying for. Recent research suggests there's even more to it than that, though.


Compensation data and software company has found that, regardless of factors like age, experience, job title and location - certain skills correlate with lower pay. 



Filing is the skill with the most negative effect on pay 


According to Time, researchers analysed the skills that workers pinpointed as most critical to their job and then identified those which showed the greatest negative correlation with salary. 



Lydia Frank,'s editorial director, said the research highlights the need to cut more general or obvious skills from a CV and focus on the ones that make you stand out.

Many of those that feature in the top 25, she said, are "implied knowledge" - in 2017, most employers expect you know how to type, you don't need to include it. Plumbing may be a crucial skill to the role you're applying for, but if you have included your previous experience working as a plumber, repeatedly stating the obvious isn't going to help. 


Several specific skills and programmes made the list, such as Dreamweaver and Delphi. Frank speculated these might be letting your CV down by suggesting you're not up-to-date with the latest technologies in your industry. "If that's the pinnacle of a job applicant's knowledge and they don't know newer technologies, it may make [the applicant] seem weaker," she said. 


Of course, there are likely to be other factors at play, but the study certainly puts forward a strong case for keeping your CV concise and well thought-out. Everything you include should serve a purpose. Don't clutter it with unnecessary, or worse still, detrimental information. 



These 25 skills are most strongly linked to lower pay. 

1. Filing 

Correlated with -15.4% pay hit


2. Property management 

Correlated with -15.1% pay hit 


3. Data entry 

Correlated with -15% pay hit


4. Bookkeeping

Correlated with -14.5% pay hit  


5. AS/400 

Correlated with -14.3% pay hit


6. Call centre 

Correlated with -14.2% pay hit


7. Help desk/help support 

Correlated with -13.5% pay hit 


8. Collections 

Correlated with -12.8% pay hit 


9. Intuit QuickBooks 

Correlated with -12.5% pay hit 


10. Delphi 

Correlated with -12.4% pay hit 


11. Packaging 

Correlated with -11.7% pay hit 


12. Computer hardware technician 

Correlated with -11.5% pay hit 


13. Plumbing 

Correlated with -11.3% pay hit 


14. Administration 

Correlated with -10.4% pay hit 


15. Pricing 

Correlated with -10.4% pay hit 


16. System repair

Correlated with -10.3% pay hit  


17. Shipping 

Correlated with -10.2% pay hit 


18. Document preparation 

Correlated with -10% pay hit 


19. Customer service 

Correlated with -10% pay hit 


20. Dreamweaver 

Correlated with -9.6% pay hit 


21. Online research 

Correlated with -9.5% pay hit 


22. Paying invoices 

Correlated with -9.5% pay hit 


23. Phone support 

Correlated with -9.3% pay hit 


24. Wordpress 

Correlated with -9.3% pay hit 


25. Typing 

Correlated with -9.2% pay hit 



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