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12 of the coolest Advertising and Marketing companies to work for in 2017

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

The world of Advertising and Marketing is a great place to be right now. We've done our research. 

Whether it's for their client list, office culture and perks, or the award-winning creative work they're doing - we've selected twelve of the most exciting companies in Advertising and Marketing in 2017. 

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1. Be Found Online (BFO)

This digital marketing agency has its headquarters in Chicago, with offices in London and Singapore too. The agency specialises in search engine optimisation, lead generation, analytics and programmatic buying - but it's the company's culture that really makes it an amazing place to work. 

Committed to transparency, executives share almost all financial information with employees. They have also reportedly implemented an online peer-to-peer feedback system, which sees employees awarding each other up to five golden tickets every month to recognise those who best embody the company's values. At the end of each month, the employee with the most golden tickets spins a wheel for prizes, such as $1,000 cash or plane tickets. 

Most importantly, they take their office dogs incredibly seriously. 



Credit: Instagram / @ryanpatrickmusic



2. DDB Canada

Marketing communications network DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. has a massive presence across the globe.

Their Canada office is known for some pretty unique perks - such as "creativity stipends". Every employee is given $250 to buy something that will inspire and help them to be more creative - whether it's acting classes, books or tickets to TED conferences. 

Plus, every last Friday of the month is Hot Dog Day. 



Credit: Instagram / @ddbcanada



3. Edenspiekermann

​With offices in Berlin, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Singapore, this agency specialises in strategy, design and communication. They've worked with the likes of Red Bull, The Economist and Mozilla to name a few.

Committed to a company culture of communication and doing things differently - the opening to their 'manifesto' reads: "People tell us we have an attitude. We take that as a compliment." 



Credit: Instagram / @edenspiekermann



4. Intermarketing Agency 

This Leeds-based company now has offices in London, Amsterdam and Sydney too. They were named the No.1 Elite Agency in The Drum's Independent Agencies Census 2016. Not only does this creative agency do award-winning work across branding, web design, and more, they treat their employees right - with perks like Cake Wednesdays and regular socials. 



Credit: Instagram / @intermarketingagency



5. Langoor

​Named after a monkey only found in India, the Langoor, which, according to their website means "crazy" in Hindi - this digital agency believes "you need to be crazy to be able to change the world".

With multiple office locations, including Mumbai, Dubai, Bangalore, Melbourne and Hong Kong, they specialise in digital strategy, marketing, mobile apps and more.

Everyone gets personalised cake on their birthday and office-wide cricket or table tennis tournaments certainly aren't unheard of. 



Credit: Instagram /



6. 72 and Sunny 

A global marketing, advertising and design company - they have offices in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore and Sydney.

There's no shortage to the amount of perks that come with being a part of the team - they reportedly bring performance artists into the agency, employ a life coach for their employees and, every other Friday, the CFO barbecues lunch for the entire agency. 

The LA office also has an art gallery inside it, where they host exhibits to inspire creativity. 



Credit: Instagram / @72andsunny_



7. Ayima started off as a Search Engine in 2002, and now uses this technology in their work as specialist consultants in search marketing. Headquartered in London, the company has teams and offices across Europe, the USA and Canada doing award-winning work.

They're all about company culture - with a highly-anticipated company Christmas party, Summer BBQ and regular food and beer deliveries to their offices.



Credit: Instagram / @ayima



8. Forsman & Bodenfors 

This award-winning Swedish advertising agency has a number of high-profile clients. Notably, they worked with Visit Sweden recently to list the entirety of Sweden's countryside on Airbnb - promoting the company's rule that anyone can go, camp and roam the outdoors there for free. 



Credit: Instagram / @forsmanbodenfors



9. Ogilvy & Mather 

This global advertising and marketing agency is a big deal. Known for their work with Dove, American Express and IBM, they have offices across the world. 

They're also committed to their company culture - stating on their UK website, "we are nothing without our people and their ideas". To that end, they launched Ogilvy Pride - an LGBT and straight ally network to encourage employees to feel comfortable being their authentic selves. 



Credit: Instagram / @ogilvymather



10. Tonic

Based in Dubai, with a presence in Abu Dhabi, this creative advertising, branding and media agency prides itself on remaining "fiercely independent". Their HR philosophy is all about making sure their employees have an incredible work-life balance. They also have an impressively diverse workforce - which, in May 2016, was reported to be made up of 50 employees across 27 nationalities. 



Credit: Instagram / @tonicinternational



11. MVF

This digital marketing agency started out in London and is expanding rapidly - with 350 award-winning employees in offices in both the UK and USA now.

Their work is all about data and innovation, with an outstanding company culture and perks to go with it. If they hit their targets, the entire team is taken on an all-expenses-paid holiday to Ibiza every year. 



 Credit: Instagram / @mvfglobal



12. Wieden + Kennedy 

Wieden + Kennedy is one of the largest independently-owned creative advertising agencies in the world and has been acclaimed for their work by Forbes and Business Insider. Their current clients speak for themselves, including Nike, Sainsbury's, Nurofen and Orange. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, they also have offices in New York, London, Shanghai, Delhi and more.

Their size and success doesn't stop them focusing on the happiness of each of their employees, though; their London branch offers creative bursaries, as well as hosting bake-offs, visiting speakers and portrait painting events.

Plus, if you work in their New York office, you get an action figure of yourself made. Can't argue with that.



Credit: Instagram / @wiedenkennedy



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