Employers are changing how they advertise graduate jobs, here's how you can keep up

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Recruitment is changing, has your approach to applying for jobs kept up with it?

At GradTouch we spend a lot of time talking to employers and hiring managers about how they look for graduates to come and work with them and what they hope to see in your applications. Recent research shows 92% of brands believe video is increasingly important in their marketing efforts. And this extends to the hiring process: a rapidly growing number of employers are using social media content and video to find graduate talent.





98% of Millennials aged 18-24 own a smartphone. We check our phones between 110-150 times a day.

That is according to recent research by Nielsen. We Millennials are clearly driving change; companies are increasingly asserting their presence across the social media platforms we spend so much of our time on - because we can access them whenever we want, wherever we go. But are you actively participating and using your social media savvy to land graduate jobs? If you’re devoting a significant proportion of your life to social media - watching videos, reading content, sharing your experiences and memories, and connecting with people – are you also maximising it to look for work?

You should be.

There is a new way to apply for jobs. We’ve moved away from the days of scouring newspapers and magazines for job advertisements. At GradTouch alone we use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show you what it’s really like to work at a company before you hit ‘apply’.

Now, it's essential to make sure your online presence works in your favour when you're job hunting. That means getting on LinkedIn and building yourself a killer profile. It means optimising your Twitter and Facebook feed, because employers will look you up. It also means making sure you research a company before you come to interview with them - learn as much as you can about their brand on social media and be prepared to discuss it.

Social media isn't just the place you keep all your uni night out photos that you're hiding from prospective employers, it's a tool you can use to find the right job and further your chances of landing it. 



Tell us about your experiences applying for jobs.

In our Graduate Job Application Experience Survey, we want to know: What methods have you found the most useful for learning about and finding jobs in the first place? Are you active on social media and using your presence there as effectively as you can be? When you're invited for a job interview, do you research the company’s social media output and are you ready to have a conversation about it?

The survey takes five minutes, and is an opportunity for you to think about the different ways you could approach job hunting. It will inform and help us to help you find your dream job via GradTouch in future.