Millennials reacted perfectly to this week's latest news about Millennials

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

This week, a story in the London Evening Standard suggested that if you stop eating sandwiches you might actually be able to afford a house in London. 





The article features "new analysis" from estate agents Strutt & Parker, recommending that London's Millennial couples give up a weekly night out, ditch their 'Lottery habit', cut out takeaways, buying sandwiches, phone upgrades, and an annual foreign city-break in order to save the deposit for a house.

Apparently, just cutting out the shop-bought sandwiches alone and making lunch at home is going to save you £2,567 per year. 

And after those five sober, sandwich-less years of saving, all you'll need is around £29,400 off your family and you'll be ready to buy your first London home. 

We have a lot of questions: how many Millennials have a 'Lottery habit'? How many Millennials have parents who have almost £30,000 lying around? WHO is spending that much money on sandwiches? But, of course, Twitter came through with reactions to the article that just might make you feel a little bit better. 



























We may never be able to afford houses, and they may take away our sandwiches, but at least we have Twitter 👐