10 podcasts every graduate should download right now

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Every man and his dog has a podcast out nowadays. 

And whilst this means that there's something for everyone, whether you're into in ancient history or knitting, it also means that there's a whole lot of below-par podcasts out there. 

With there being so much choice you also end up spending so much time deciding which podcast to listen to that by the time you’ve got to work/walked where you need to walk to/finished hoovering your room, you’ve only managed to listen to the first five minutes.

So to save you trawling through the thousands of options, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great podcasts every graduate should listen to. Whether you want to learn, laugh or feel inspired, there’s something for everyone in here.

For knowledge...

1. TED Talks Daily 

If you're one of those people who likes to know a little bit about everything but doesn't have the concentration for the nitty gritty, 'TED Talks Daily' offer bite-size talks on every subject you could possibly think of, every weekday. 

Head out for a food shop and arrive home not only with an absolute steal from Aldi's special buys, but also with an understanding of how quinoa can help combat hunger and malnutrition. If that's not a productive day, what is? 


2. Stuff You Should Know 

Was 17 years of education not enough for you? Do you already miss the sheer satisfaction of having learnt something new? Then move 'Stuff You Should Know' to the top of your listen list. 

Each week, podcast hosts Chuck and Josh discuss random topics they think you should know about, from porcupines, to sushi, to sneezing. Listen to this podcast and never again in life will you not have a fun fact to share around the table at Christmas.


3. Side Hustle School 

Side hustles - your mate's got one, your sister's got one, even your Nan's got one at this point. Social media has made earning an income alongside your regular job 10x easier and on 'Side Hustle School', you'll hear from the people who're doing it. 

Episodes are released daily and each one features a different story of someone who's started a side hustle. Chatting to host Chris Guillebeau, they discuss what went well and the challenges they've faced. 

If you want a side hustle but have no idea how to get started or are too afraid to, this podcast might give you the push you need!


4. Worklife with Adam Grant 

You spend 90,000 hours at work over your life. A vile thought, we know, but if that's the reality of the situation you might as well make it 90,000 of enjoyment. So to help improve our working lives, organisational psychologist, Adam Grant, has created 'Worklife'. Chatting to a wide range of professionals, episodes cover topics like burnout, loneliness when working remotely, procrastination and more. 

The podcast claims that after listening "You'll never see your job the same way again" - we don't know about that, but it's still a great listen for recent grads who're just starting to navigate the working world.


For inspiration...

5. How I Built This 

If you're feeling uninspired about work and need a kick up the back side, hearing the stories behind the world's biggest companies on 'How I Built This' will do the trick. You'll hear about the triumphs and challenges these companies have faced throughout their journey to success, told by the innovators and entrepreneurs running them. If this podcast will teach you one thing, it's that the road to success is definitely not a smooth one. 


6. The Diary of a CEO 

"A few years ago I was a broke university dropout, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop and a dream. Fast forward a few years and...", you know the rest - they're now multi-millionaire, running the fastest-growing company in the galaxy and want to share the wisdom they've gained from the journey to the top. 

No but really, hearing from Steven Bartlett, a 25 year old CEO of the very successful social media company, Social Chain, is actually really interesting and inspiring. Each week he reads parts of his personal diary, interviews other successful people, gives a behind the scenes insight into life as an entrepreneur and pretty much shares whatever's on his mind. 


For laughs...

7. My Dad Wrote a Porno 

If you've not heard of this podcast then please come out from the rock you've been living under. Hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine, on 'My Dad Wrote a Porno' Jamie reads out a chapter from his Dad's porno book every week. That's it really. Sounds odd, but the commentary from James and Alice is hilarious and you'll find it hard not to burst out laughing in public when you listen to this. If you're in need of a bit of light-hearted humour to brighten up 2020, this is it. 


8. Off-Menu 

If you love food and you love comedy, listen to Off-Menu. We've all spent much too long pondering what our last meal on Earth would be, and in this podcast, comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster give celebrity guests the chance to have their say. Guest are invited into the 'dream restaurant' where they can choose their dream starter, main, side and dessert. There's nothing revolutionary about the format, but hearing what random foods celebs choose as their favourite (and Ed and James' reactions to said foods) is very entertaining and will 100% leave you laughing out loud. 


For mental health...

9. Happy Place 

Fearne Cotton has come a long way from the CBBC days - she's now a massive mental health advocate and host of 'Happy Place', a podcast all about happiness. Each episode, Fearne talks to a new guest about what happiness means to them and how they find joy in every day. If you're having a down day or just want a really easy listen, 'Happy Place' is the perfect dose of happiness to help you feel a bit more positive. 


10. On Purpose with Jay Shetty 

For some genuinely useful words of wisdom that won't make you cringe, Jay Shetty's podcast might be of interest. He chats to fascinating guests on each episode about topics ranging from coping with anxiety, to self-love, to facing your fears. 

If there's something you're struggling with specifically, this is a great podcast to dip in and out of - whatever's on your mind, there will be an episode about it.