This company posted a job advert trashing millennials and it completely backfired

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

This job description for an Office Administrator role in London has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. 

The Tea House Theatre, based in Vauxhall, advertised the role on the Arts Council England website, offering a salary of between £15,000 and £20,000.

They began what may be the worst job description ever by addressing millennials, explaining the company has been "grafting, scraping, cap in hand" for "the best part of twenty years". Yet, they're hiring again "for the third time in as many months". 



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The job ad continues, questioning whether millennials are "taught anything about existing in the real world, where every penny counts". 

They go on to ask: "Did no one teach you that the end of your studies is the beginning of your education?" 



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They further state "it shouldn't be this hard" to find "a grafter, who can commit". 

On top of that, they're looking for someone who is "the absolute dogs in office skills", with the ability to "keep track of a huge to-do list". 



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The ad, which ends: "We have not been impressed so far", has prompted many to call out Tea House Theatre on social media.













Unsurprisingly, the job advert has now been removed. The theatre has not yet commented.