The 15 most affordable countries to live and work abroad

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

There are many reasons why you may want to move abroad - and plenty of things to consider before you can do so. 

One of the things you'll certainly want to know before you take that job overseas or make a new start, is how much it's going to cost you day-to-day to live somewhere new. 

In a recent survey, InterNations, the world's largest network for people working and living abroad, asked over 14,000 expats to have their say on their experiences.

Respondents were surveyed about 43 different aspects of their lives abroad - one of which was the cost of living. 

These fifteen countries came out on top for affordability:



1. Ukraine

With 45% of expats rating the cost of living in Ukraine as "extremely affordable" - this country takes first place. Three-quarters of respondents said the affordability of living in Ukraine was a factor they considered before moving there. 


Credit: Instagram / @_kharkiv_love



2. Thailand

Thailand took second place for cost of living and held the number 2 spot for affordability of housing too. It was also highly rated in other parts of the survey, making it into the top 10 for quality of medical care. 


Credit: Instagram / @mmediez



3. Taiwan

According to InterNations' data, Taiwan has a lot going for it. It was rated third for cost of living and made it into the top 10 for affordability of housing. Not only that, but only 2% of respondents in Taiwan are "generally dissatisfied" with their finances (compared to a global average of 17%). 


Credit: Instagram / @shadezdi 



4. Vietnam 

Vietnam makes it into the top 5 for cost of living, as well as coming sixth for affordability of housing. 


Credit: Instagram / @myshortescapes



5. Mexico

Not only is Mexico affordable, it also came in first when respondents were asked about the "ease of settling in" in their respective countries. 


Credit: Instagram / @tiecompany 



6. Hungary 


Credit: Instagram / @t.kilo_travel 



7. Ecuador 

Ecuador was rated as having the most affordable housing of any country - as well as holding a position in the top 10 in this list for cost of living. Not one single person surveyed in Ecuador would rate the cost of living as "very bad" - compared to 5% globally. 


Credit: Instagram / @vikbooooowiee



8. Czech Republic 

Czech Republic is affordable, as well as being in the top 10 for quality of life. And, if you're thinking about, it was rated the second best place for family life. 


Credit: Instagram / @penseesdicietdailleurs



9. Philippines 


Credit: Instagram /



10. Poland


Credit: Instagram / @mr.aguirregabiria



11. Malta

Malta did pretty well in a few aspects of the survey, alongside cost of living. It came in ninth for affordability of housing, sixth for quality of life and sixth for quality of medical care. 


Credit: Instagram / @max_jlover 



12. Spain 

Not only is Spain affordable, the country was rated in the top 5 for quality of life on the 2016 index. 


Credit: Instagram / @albdx



13. Romania


Credit: Instagram / @photosfrommatthew



14. Colombia 


Credit: Instagram / @isragut 



15. India


Credit: Instagram / @chargovert 



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