Londoners work 3 weeks longer than the rest of the UK every year

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

If you work in London, you're probably spending three weeks longer at work each year than the rest of the UK. 

That is according to new data collected by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), indicating that the average Londoner's working week lasts 33 hours. The average working week for those outside of London is between 30 and 31 hours - adding up to a 100 hour difference across the year. 



The number of hours worked each week in London is at its highest since the economic downturn in 2008. 

Hours worked in both London and Northern Ireland are historically higher than the average, with average weekly hours also increasing in the West Midlands in recent years. 





Londoners earn more, spend longer commuting and are more likely to be in full-time employment. 

There are several reasons for Londoners working more hours. Professor of work and employment at the University of Stirling, Ronald McQuaid, told the BBC that it's "more worthwhile for Londoners to stay at work" due to higher wages. If you work in London you're likely to earn about £10 an hour more than the UK average. 

Meanwhile, Professor McQuaid explained there's a higher proportion of financial services jobs, for example, in London, which demand longer hours. 

On top of that, living in London comes with a higher cost of living, meaning employees need to work longer to afford to stay there. The average worker in London also spends 75 minutes commuting every single day, which is much longer than the national average and means they're left "needing to work more hours to make up the cost of travel," Professor McQuaid told the BBC. 

The figures are impacted by the proportion of full-time to part-time workers across the UK too. ONS observed that London has the highest rate of full-time employment in the UK - so the average number of hours worked in London is higher, with a lower proportion of part-time workers to factor in compared to other areas of the UK.


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