Graduates who studied in these cities are more likely to earn the most after university

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

How much does the city you studied in affect your earnings as a graduate?

Significantly, according to this new research. 

Digital marketing agency digitaloft analysed findings from multiple outlets to create what they call The Alternative UK University City League Table. The new league table is aimed at ranking universities based on factors prospective students really care about - including crime rates, average graduate salary, sustainabiility, LGBTQ friendliness and the price of a pint. 

Speaking to The Daily Touch, digitaloft said they compiled the table, because "millennials are a switched-on generation who care about wider society." 

They added "there's no denying" that the academic performance of an institution is key to its appeal, but it's just one of many factors that matter to students in 2017.

When ranking university cities by graduate salary, digitaloft used crowdsourced data collected by Emolument to compile a list of the top university cities based on future earning potential. 


These are the university cities with the highest average graduate salaries:



1. Cambridge

Average graduate salary: £69,000



Credit: Instagram / @dadaboudet



2. Oxford 

Average graduate salary: £56,000



Credit: Instagram / @gabbysykes 



3. Manchester

Average graduate salary: £54,667 



Credit: Instagram / @stalbots 



4. Reading 

Average graduate salary: £52,000 



Credit: Instagram / @_eden_garden



5. Bristol 

Average graduate salary: £47,667 



Credit: Instagram / @kkrissada



6. London

Average graduate salary: £46,357



Credit: Instagram / @giacomomargheri



7. Edinburgh

Average graduate salary: £45,667



Credit: Instagram / @strebss



8. Nottingham 

Average graduate salary: £44,500



Credit: Instagram / @sophie_rollin



9. Aberdeen

Average graduate salary: £44,000



Credit: Instagram / @gregormcauslan 



10. Glasgow

Average graduate salary: £43,667



Credit: Instagram / @theclairebee


You can learn more about The Alternative UK University City League Table here and explore Emolument's salary data here



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