Run this island's coffee shop with your best friend and in return you can live there for free

Lara Billington
Content Marketing Executive

Ever dreamed of running away to a live on a remote island and never coming back? Well now you can.

Well almost, you'll have to come home after six months. And before you start imagining yourself running a coffee shop on a beach, drinking out of coconuts and spending your days in the sun, we should break the news now that you won't be living in the Caribbean, but the remote (yet very beautiful) Great Blasket Island off the coast of Ireland.



The island plays host to about 20 people at a time and offers a range of things to do including boat tours to visit the island's famous Dingle dolphins, hikes around the island offering panoramic views and more. 

Alice and Billy, who usually run Great Blasket Island, are on the hunt for either a couple or two friends to take over in running the island's coffee shop and accommodation from April to October of this year. You'll receive accommodation and food for free and when you're not looking after the island's guests you can relax, switch off and enjoy the picturesque surroundings and fresh sea air.

Be warned though, the amenities on offer during your time on the island might not be what you're used to. You should expect a cold shower in the morning and no electricity. You might be pleased to hear that you don't have to part with your phone though; the island has wind turbines that generate enough power to charge a phone or laptop. 

If you like the idea of escaping reality for a few months to live a simpler life, email Alice at for more information. But don't be fooled into thinking you're the only person who'd enjoy a six month stint on an island in the middle of nowhere, because rumour has it the couple have already received 23,000 applications. Better make yours impressive. 


If you don't like coffee, cold weather or remote locations, why not check out our website for some opportunities that might interest you?