5 reasons you should pursue a career in Healthcare Recruitment with Globe Locums

Amy O'Neill

Ready to make a difference?

Globe Locums are the UK's leading international specialist healthcare recruitment agency. Throughout the pandemic, their recruiters have helped staff the NHS and private sector with frontline nurses, doctors and AHP healthcare professionals - and now they're looking to add some ambitious graduates to their growing team in London. 

Working with Globe Locums will not only allow you to build a fulfilling career, but it also comes with several benefits that you might not know about...like the ability to attend conferences in the UK and overseas or visit client locations all across the country. Their roles are perfect for graduates who have always wanted to get into healthcare, but don't have a traditional medical degree, since they offer positions across a range of divisions from nursing, optometry, and even compliance and HR.

Here are just a few reasons that Globe Locums are quickly becoming one of the top graduate employers in the UK:


1. A diverse work culture

You might think a career in healthcare is out of the question unless you have a degree background in medicine - but that's not the case with Globe Locums. They believe everyone has the ability to care, and with patient satisfaction at the core of their operations, you'll be able to carry out your role with integrity and the knowledge that you're truly able to make a difference.

They're open to applications from graduates and junior professionals from a range of backgrounds - whether that's sales, recruitment, or other health sector roles. To apply, all you need is a minimum 2:2 degree in any discipline with three A-levels and a minimum B in GCSE Maths and English.


2. Steady career progression

The company also believe in offering their graduates a stable pathway into management. Starting out as a Trainee Consultant, you'll have a clear structure where you can receive regular pay increases and promotions as you move through your career. 

Here's how your typical career path will look: From joining Globe Locums as a Trainee Consultant, you'll eventually move into a Consultant role where you'll be put in charge of key clients. Excelling in this role, will lead you to become a Senior Consultant where you’ll receive a higher salary and mentorship to Team Manager/Leader level. In addition to all this, the company are always looking to internally promote their trainees to Executive positions within the business - so you'll never be stuck in one position for too long


3. The chance to make a difference

As we've mentioned, Globe Locums are key partners for the NHS and were responsible for staffing the NHS frontline during the 2020-21 Covid-19 outbreak. It's not a surprise that the pandemic spurred a lot of students and graduates into action (applications to study nursing rose 15% during Lockdown), but even if you don't have a traditional nursing or medical degree - that doesn't mean that you can't help make a difference

Working with Globe Locums, you'll be responsible for filling staff shortagesresourcing suitable vacancies, and working diligently to provide patients with the very best of care. Think of yourself as the "middleman" between healthcare professionals and the hospitals and patients that need them. Your role will be essential, fast-paced, and fulfilling


4. Generous employee benefits

On top of providing industry-leading training and career progression opportunities, Globe Locums also offers their staff a range of employee benefits. These include:

  • Uncapped commission.
  • Discounted gym membership.
  • After-work events organised throughout the year.
  • Free monthly wellness visits.
  • Monthly prize giveaways and Quarterly competitions - with rewards including trips aboard and visits to high-end restaurants.


5. Attractive starting salary

All of Globe Locums roles also start on an attractive starting salary, which is regularly reviewed as you progress in your career. As mentioned above, the company also offer uncapped commission and performance-based bonuses throughout the year - so there's not limit to the amount of potential earnings.

Two of their open roles are listed below, hit the link to learn more about each position and apply:






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