How healthcare specialists Globe Locums are making a difference during the pandemic

Amy O'Neill

Meet the healthcare heroes that are providing routes into the industry for aspiring graduates.

Globe Locums are so much more than a healthcare recruitment agency. Throughout the 2020 pandemic, they've helped out by providing Locum nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to the frontline, and now they're looking for passionate graduates to join their growing team in the heart of London.

To help you learn a little more about Globe Locums, we've included just a few reasons why they're one of the UK's most sought-after graduate recruiters and why so many graduates are finding fulfilling careers with the company. 


1. Their Graduate Academy

A career in Healthcare recruitment can be incredibly rewarding. You'll be given the opportunity to challenge yourself while also helping to improve patient care and safety, making it the perfect career choice for compassionate graduates who want to push themselves to new heights. At their Graduate Academy, Globe Locums give their graduates unrivalled access to training from seasoned professionals who have looked after patients directly.

This will ensure you have a strong understanding of the healthcare recruitment industry and help you feel confident and secure in your work. It'll also give you a keen understanding of what needs to be done to improve patient experience and care - since Globe Locums is one of the only healthcare agencies owned, operated and staffed by clinicians.


2. Their defined career progression

Globe Locums also offer their graduates and trainees a defined pathway into management. You'll start out as a Trainee Consultant, where you'll receive continued training and support as well as regular pay increases and promotions. After this stage, candidates will transition into full-time Consultants, where you'll be put in charge of key clients. 

Your success in this role could lead you to Senior Consultant status, where you’ll enjoy a higher salary and mentorship to Team Manager/Leader level. On top of all this, Globe Locums are always keen to promote talented graduates to Executive positions within the business, with many of their current senior staff having started out as Trainee Consultants before working their way up the ranks. 

The company believe that growing internally like this helps them build stronger teams and hold onto their core values: Trust, Tenacity and Teamwork.


3. Their commitment to integrity

Another defining trait of the company is their commitment to their own workers. They are always open to accept applications from both recent and experienced graduates, and don't discriminate when it comes to experience or degree backgrounds. Graduates enter Globe Locums from every discipline and easily fit into the company's structure due to their one-on-one training and shared goals. 

Globe Locums consider the patient as the sole beneficiary of their work, and therefore are always looking for the most efficient and ethical recruitment solutions, meaning you'll never have to compromise on your belief or desire to do the very best you can to help patients get better care. 


4. Their extensive company benefits

The company offer a variety of company benefits to support their employees. These include:

  • Uncapped commission
  • Social events such as international conferences and after-work gatherings
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Free monthly wellness visits by industry professionals
  • Quarterly competitions, with rewards including trips abroad and visits to high-end restaurants


5. Their willingness to lend a helping hand

As a key partner for the NHS, Globe Locums' recruiters also played an integral part of the supply chain during the Covid-19 crisis. Working with them, graduates will continue to help supply the NHS with nurses, doctors, and other AHP healthcare professionals - carrying out essential and worthwhile work while building their own career. 

Your primary duties as a recruiter will be to liaise with Globe's specialist candidates and resource suitable vacancies across the NHS and private sector. Several graduates have pointed to this ability to help areas of healthcare with staff shortages as "the most satisfying part of the job". If all of this has convinced you that a career in healthcare recruitment is the right choice for you, then you can apply to Globe Locums open roles below:

Trainee Healthcare Recruitment Consultant

Trainee Healthcare Nursing Recruitment Consultant