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LinkedIn has revealed the fastest growing job sectors in the UK

Amy O'Neill

If you're looking for long-term job security, then keep an eye out for roles in these sectors. 

The world of work has changed a lot over the last year-and-a-bit, from nationwide business closures to remote and hybrid working, it's been a huge period of adjustment for the UK. However, it's also contributed to the growth of several new industries that are willing to utilise fresh talent and new working practices to drive forward.

LinkedIn has recently revealed their 15 fastest-growing job sectors across the UK, and some of the results might surprise you. Read the full list at the link above, while we break down the top 10 for you right here:


 1. E-commerce 

According to LinkedIn, hiring for E-commerce roles grew by 143% between 2019 and 2020, with thousands of online retailers hiring workers to keep up with the steady increase in online shopping as physical stores remained closed for the majority of the pandemic. Amazon was the top hiring company of this period, which is understandable given it's position as the market-leading behemoth. 

  • Top job titles: Driver, Supply Chain Associate, Warehouse Team Lead, Supply Chain Assistant.
  • Top skills required: Retail, Order Picking, Warehouse Operations, Professional Driving.
  • Top locations hiring: Birmingham, Northampton, Manchester, Leicester.


2. Healthcare support
a healthcare support worker is attending to her home-bound patient

Due to the social distancing measures put in place by the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients in the UK were reluctant or unable to visit their doctors in hospitals or medical centres. As a result,  LinkedIn saw a 104% growth in Healthcare Supporting Staff roles in 2020, such as Home Health Aides who provide care to the elderly and people in need.

  • Top job titles: Healthcare Assistant, Home Health Aide, Medical Writer, Health Advisor.
  • Top skills required: Home Care, Healthcare, Wellness Coaching, Medical Writing.
  • Top locations hiring: Manchester, Oxford.


3. Digital content freelancing

a podcast host is having a conversation with their off-screen guest
With the global pandemic resulting in many becoming unemployed, there was also an increasing number of people turning to freelancing. Digital Content Freelancers, in particular, grew by 118% in 2020, covering mediums such as video and podcast creation. However, this shouldn't be confused with more traditional forms of creative freelancing (like copywriting and blog writing), which appears a few places down the list.

  • Top job titles: Content Coordinator, YouTuber, Blogger, Podcaster.
  • Top skills required: Podcasting, YouTube, Blogging, Video Editing.
  • Top locations hiring: Manchester, Oxford.


4. Construction

A construction worker is sawing a piece of wood with a buzz saw
Although construction on commercial building projects came to a sharp halt during the pandemic, the extended social distancing restrictions pushed several homeowners to complete any projects they'd had on the back burner. This lead to a a 132% growth in Construction roles in 2020. The majority of Construction roles were self-employed, with 31% of those hired holding an MA degree or higher.

  • Top job titles: Mason, Site Specialist, Construction Specialist, Construction Worker.
  • Top skills required: Construction Site Management, Brickwork, Construction.
  • Top locations hiring: Manchester, Birmingham, London.


5. Creative freelancing

in the foreground a writer holds their pen in their hand, in the background there is a cup of tea on a coaster and scattered notebooks
With many businesses forced to close during the pandemic, the creative freelancing industries saw a 69% growth in 2020 as many companies sought to revamp their websites, blogs, and other online content. This is evident by the 115% growth experienced by  Creative Freelance Writers between 2019 and 2020, as more and more employers looked to enhance their digital presence with high-quality content. 

  • Top job titles: Writer, Illustrator, Voice Over Artist, Script Writer, Editor.
  • Top skills required: Editing, Illustration, Screenwriting, Voice Acting, Writing.
  • Top locations hiring: London, Manchester, Birmingham.


6. Finance

The finance sector reportedly increased by 82% in 2020. But that's not all that surprising given how much of a loop the financial marketing was thrown through last year. What might be surprising, though, is that Finance recorded the most remote job openings of all 15 sectors. Finance Specialists were in particularly high demand with top hiring companies including HSBC and Morgan Stanley.

  • Top job titles: Investment Banking Specialist, Finance Specialist, Treasurer, Equity Trader.
  • Top skills required: Economics, Trading, Finance, Financial Services, Investment Banking.
  • Top locations hiring: London, Manchester, Liverpool.


7. Specialised medicine
a doctor in green scrubs sits on the floor of an empty hospital hallway

This past year also saw a huge strain put on the NHS staff as they worked to keep up with surging COVID-19 cases, leading to Specialised medical professional roles increasing by an overall 58% in 2020. Breaking this sector down further, LinkedIn reported a 155% growth in Intensive Care Nurses133% growth in Certified Nursing Assistants working on the frontline, and a 68% growth in Laboratory Scientists working behind-the-scenes.

  • Top job titles: Laboratory Scientist, Assistant, Intensive Care Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant.
  • Top skills required: Healthcare, Clinical Research, Clinical Pharmacy, Medicine.
  • Top locations hiring: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow.


8. Professional coaching
a professional coach helps her client with a workout

After an extremely difficult and stressful year lead many people to transition into new career paths, the professional coaching sector saw a 101% growth, as Britons sought out guidance and clarity. The majority of people moving into Life Coach roles were female (61%), working in a self-employed or freelance capacity.

  • Top job titles: Life Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Coach.
  • Top skills required: Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching.
  • Top locations hiring: Sheffield, Cardiff, Nottingham, Birmingham.


9. Social media and digital marketing

With online usage increasing year on year, it’s understandable that Social Media and Digital Marketing grew by 52% in 2020. With tightening marketing budgets as a result of the pandemic, LinkedIn saw an increasing demand for roles such as Marketing Consultant and Growth Specialist. This sector attracted a younger demographic with an average age of 28, and 68% of the total hires in 2020 were female.

  • Top job titles: Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Manager, Growth Specialist, Marketing Consultant.
  • Top skills required: Digital Marketing, Growth Strategies, Social Media Marketing, Social Media.
  • Top locations hiring: London, Manchester, Belfast.


10. Customer service

a customer service representative is almost obscured by computer screens while he hold a phone to his ear

Travel restrictions, lockdowns and curfews pushed many businesses to find new ways of serving their customers, leading to a 54% growth in Customer Service roles. This encompassed both retail and call centre type roles, with businesses adapting from in-person to virtual methods to help support customers. Top hiring companies for customer service roles included Sitel, Capita and B&Q

  • Top job titles: Customer Service Consultant, Customer Service Advisor, Customer Support Specialist.
  • Top skills required: Time Management, Customer Support, Retail,  Customer Experience.
  • Top locations hiring: Manchester, London, Newcastle.