Here are 2021's best universities, according to students' satisfaction

Amy O'Neill

Heading to uni this September? Here's where students have been happiest this year. 


This year's National Student Survey (NSS) has ranked the UK's top universities, according to student satisfaction. The Office for Students, which manages the survey, also included an additional category to measure how well universities adjusted to the Covid-19 pandemic - such as remote learning resources and mental health services.

Overall, 330,000 students took part in the survey, which is an increase from last year's 310,000 students. The small but mighty Brighton and Sussex Medical School took the top spot for overall student satisfaction this year, closely followed by the University of St. Andrews.

The full list can be viewed here, but we've got a list of the top ten below:


1. Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Overall satisfaction score: 95.19


2. University of St. Andrews 

Overall satisfaction score: 93.34


3. The Open University

Overall satisfaction score:88.24


4. University of Bath

Overall satisfaction score:86.06


5. University of Strathclyde

Overall satisfaction score: 85.15


6. Loughborough University

Overall satisfaction score: 85.11


7. University of Law 

Overall satisfaction score: 84.97


8. Royal College of Music

Overall satisfaction score: 84.75


9. University of Aberdeen 

Overall satisfaction score: 84.54


10. Imperial College London

Overall satisfaction score: 84.46