Here's everything you need to know about phone interviews

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

66% of employers will call you before inviting you for multiple in-person interviews.

So although phone interviews can be pretty daunting, it's really important that, when the calls come, you feel ready to answer with confidence.

Essentially, phone interviews are just phone calls, but in this day and age when most graduates aren't used to communicating on the phone (or indeed aren't used to hearing back from employers at all), they can be a particularly nerve-wracking prospect.




To help you feel a little more calm and collected ahead of your future phone interviews, we've created a guide filled with all the advice you need to ensure your next one is a success.

Inside the guide you'll find everything from a cheat sheet to help you ace your pre-interview preparation to some top tips from a phone interview expert.


Download your free copy here.