Employee perks are more influential than ever, but are you actually getting what you want?

Sally Bracegirdle
Head of Marketing

From free food and drink to flexible working hours, employee perks are climbing up the list of necessities job hunters look for when deciding whether a role is right for them.

Gone are the days when employee perks were seen as an asset you were lucky to be rewarded from your employer, if and when they felt like rewarding you. 

Now, with job hunters keener than ever to seek out opportunities that offer perks above and beyond the norm, additional employee benefits have become less of a bonus and more of a prerequisite.

Netflix, for example, offers its staff unlimited holidays, while employees at World Wildlife Fund take every other Friday off. 

With more and more companies celebrating the benefits they can offer to potential employees, we no longer see working for a company with great employee perks as a stroke of luck, but as something we should actively take into account when applying for jobs.


But are the employee perks on offer actually what you want?

New research by price comparison website SmallBusinessPrices has revealed a disparity between the work perks people want, and those they actually receive. 

They surveyed 2000 UK employees on the perks they get with their job, and those they would value over a pay rise.

Additional holiday and flexible working hours were named the most desirable employee perk, with 26.28% of people saying that's what they would value over more money. However, only 18.82% of people said they're actually getting it.

The most widely received employee perk by far was employee discount, with 19.61% of people stating they receive it in some form. When asked if that's what they want, though, only 11.05% of survey participants said it was.

Coming out as the least desirable employee perk was training budget, which only 3.06% of people said they wanted, but 11.82% said they received anyway.


The 9 employee perks found to be the most popular in the UK are listed below, and you can find out more about the study here.



1. Employee discount

19.61% get it

11.05% want it



2. Additional holiday and flexible working hours

18.82% get it

26.28% want it



3. Training Budget

11.82% get it

3.06% want it



4. Food/ Drink

11.25% get it

9.18% want it



5. Wellness/ Health/ Maternity / Paternity

10.38% get it

10.58% want it



6. Events/ Away Days / Dress-down Fridays

10.31% get it

5.36% want it



7. Insurance

9.01% get it

10.80% want it



8. Travel/ Company car

5.98% get it

16.41% want it



9. Luxuries

2.81% get it

7.31% want it



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