2017 graduates: these are the easiest industries to get a job in

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

A new report has revealed the sectors that have seen the highest increase in job vacancies year-on-year. 

CV-Library released their Q2 job market report - finding the top 10 industries that are easiest to get a job in, based on the number of open positions within each. 

They compared data from April, May and June 2017, to the same three-month period in 2016, and found that job vacancies are on the rise overall. According to the report, there were 14.9% more jobs being advertised this year, compared to the same time last year.

The industry that saw the most marked increase in job growth was Manufacturing, with a 24% rise in job openings. Manufacturing was closely followed by Charity and Automotive - with industries such as Recruitment and Design also making the top 10. 

Competition is certainly a factor new grads will want to consider as they enter the job market - you may be able to up your chances of landing a graduate role by focusing on the industries listed below, where workers are most in-demand. 




These 10 industries were shown to have the most growth: 


1. Manufacturing 

24% more vacancies year-on-year


2. Charity

21% more vacancies year-on-year


3. Automotive 

20.4% more vacancies year-on-year


4. Social Care

18.2% more vacancies year-on-year


5. Property Services 

16.3% more vacancies year-on-year


6. Recruitment 

14.8% more vacancies year-on-year


7. Engineering 

11.2% more vacancies year-on-year


8. Design

10.4% more vacancies year-on-year


9. Agriculture 

9.9% more vacancies year-on-year


10. Construction 

7.2% more vacancies year-on-year


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