Here's why you shouldn't say "them" or "they" in a job interview

Sean Talbot
Head of Audience

Using certain pronouns in a job interview could be holding you back. 

Speaking to CNBC, a CEO has revealed two words that could be damaging your chances of landing a job: they and them



Mike Laven, CEO of London-based fin-tech company Currency Cloud, claims the pronouns you use can say a lot about how you see yourself within a company.

Identifying yourself as part of the mission assures interviewers that you can see the bigger picture, and saying things like 'they did this' instead of 'we did this' could be a major warning sign. “They’re signalling that they may not be a very engaged employee, or that they have little passion for their job," he said. 

Interviewers are looking out for how emotionally engaged candidates are with their current employer, and something as simple as using the wrong pronoun could suggest that you have chosen to disconnect yourself with the goals of the company. 

"Employers wants to hire people who internalise the mission and vision of the company," Mike goes on to say. "You want people who understand what the company is about and where it's going."

So, next time you talk about a current or past employer in a job interview, make sure you involve yourself as much as you can, demonstrating that you were emotionally invested and integral to the mission.